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Find out the simple ways to open payoneer account in Nigeria

    Find out the  simple ways to open payoneer account in Nigeria
    Find out the simple ways to open payoneer account in Nigeria


    What is Payoneer?

    Payoneer is an online banking platform that enables individuals to send and receive money via the Internet. Payoneer allows users to create a virtual bank account in a variety of currencies, including US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros. Users can also use credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa.

    Payoneer is the leading alternative to PayPal for Nigerians who wish to send and receive money. You will learn how to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria in this article.

    Payoneer: How Does It Work?

    Payoneer is a similar online payment platform to PayPal, but with additional features that have prompted many restricted PayPal users (particularly Africans) to migrate to this platform.

    If you are a resident of Nigeria, Ghana, or another PayPal restricted country, you can use Payoneer to send and receive payments. Additionally, you receive a virtual bank account for conducting business with international customers. With a Payoneer account, you can easily send and receive money from any location in the world without leaving the comfort of your home.

    8 reasons why you should open a Payoneer account in Nigeria

    1. It is completely free to create an account. This option will appeal to a large number of people.
    2. You can receive payment from companies based in the United States and other European countries.
    3. To access your Payoneer account in Nigeria, you do not need to change your IP address or use a VPN.
    4. It is secure and reputable.
    5. You can apply for a Payoneer MasterCard and use it to make withdrawals and online payments.
    6. Once you’ve earned $1000, you’ll receive a $25 bonus.
    7. Payoneer accounts can be used to accept payments from Amazon, Fiverr, and other freelancer marketplaces.
    8. Additionally, you can earn $25 by referring a friend to Payoneer.

    Countries Where Payoneer Is Supported

    Before opening a Payoneer account, it is critical to familiarise yourself with the list of countries that Payoneer supports; this will help you determine whether the country with which you intend to conduct business accepts Payoneer.

    All Countries And Their Currencies Name

    Country Names:Currency Names:
    ALBANIAAlbanian Lek
    ALGERIAAlgerian Dinar
    AMERICAN SAMOAUnited States Dollar
    ANGOLAAngolan Kwanza
    ANGUILLAEastern Caribbean dollar
    ANTIGUA AND BARBUDAEastern Caribbean dollar
    ARGENTINAArgentine peso, Argentine austral
    ARMENIAArmenian Dram
    ARUBAAruban florin
    AUSTRALIAAustralian dollar
    AZERBAIJANAzerbaijani manat
    BAHAMASBahamian dollar
    BAHRAINBahraini dinar
    BANGLADESHBangladeshi taka
    BARBADOSBarbadian dollar
    BELARUSBelarusian ruble
    BELIZEBelize dollar
    BENINWest African CFA franc
    BHUTANIndian rupee, Bhutanese ngultrum
    BOLIVIABolivian boliviano
    BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINABosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
    BOTSWANABotswana pula
    BRAZILBrazilian real
    BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDSUnited States Dollar
    BRUNEI DARUSSALAMBrunei dollar
    BULGARIABulgarian lev
    BURKINA FASOWest African CFA franc
    CAMBODIACambodian riel
    CAMEROONCentral African CFA franc
    CANADACanadian dollar
    CAPE VERDECape Verdean escudo
    CAYMAN ISLANDSCayman Islands dollar
    CHADCentral African CFA franc
    CHILEChilean peso
    COLOMBIAColombian peso
    COMOROSComorian franc
    CONGOCongolese franc, Zairean zaire
    COOK ISLANDSNew Zealand dollar, Cook Islands dollar
    COSTA RICACosta Rican colón
    COTE D’IVOIREWest African CFA franc
    CROATIACroatian kuna
    CYPRUSEuro, Cypriot pound
    CZECH REPUBLICCzech koruna
    DENMARKDanish krone
    DJIBOUTIDjiboutian franc
    DOMINICAEastern Caribbean dollar
    DOMINICAN REPUBLICDominican peso
    EAST TIMORUnited States Dollar
    ECUADORUnited States Dollar
    EGYPTEgyptian pound
    EL SALVADORUnited States Dollar
    EQUATORIAL GUINEACentral African CFA franc
    ERITREAEritrean nakfa
    ETHIOPIAEthiopian birr
    FALKLAND ISLANDS (MALVINAS)Falkland Islands pound
    FAROE ISLANDSFaroese, Danish
    FIJIFijian dollar
    FRANCEEuro, CFP franc
    GABONCentral African CFA franc
    GEORGIAGeorgian lari
    GHANAGhanaian cedi
    GIBRALTARPound sterling, Gibraltar pound
    GREENLANDDanish krone
    GRENADAEastern Caribbean dollar
    GUAMUnited States Dollar
    GUATEMALAGuatemalan quetzal
    GUERNSEYPound sterling, Guernsey pound
    GUINEAGuinean franc
    GUINEA-BISSAUWest African CFA franc
    GUYANAGuyanese dollar
    HAITIHaitian gourde
    HONDURASHonduran lempira
    HONG KONGHong Kong Dollar (HKD)
    HUNGARYHungarian forint
    ICELANDIcelandic króna
    INDIAIndian rupee
    INDONESIAIndonesian Rupiah (IDR)
    ISLE OF MANManx pound, Pound Sterling
    ISRAELIsraeli new shekel
    JAMAICAJamaican dollar
    JAPANJapanese yen
    JERSEYPound sterling, Jersey pound
    JORDANJordanian dinar
    KAZAKHSTANKazakhstani tenge
    KENYAKenyan shilling
    KIRIBATIAustralian dollar, Kiribati dollar
    KUWAITKuwaiti dinar
    KYRGYZSTANKyrgyzstani som
    LEBANONLebanese pound
    LESOTHOLesotho loti
    LIBERIALiberian dollar
    LIECHTENSTEINSwiss franc
    MACAUMacanese pataca
    MACEDONIAMacedonian denar
    MADAGASCARMalagasy ariary
    MALAWIMalawian kwacha
    MALDIVESMaldivian rufiyaa
    MALIWest African CFA franc
    MAURITANIAMauritanian ouguiya
    MAURITIUSMauritian rupee
    MEXICOMexican peso
    MOLDOVAMoldovan Leu
    MONGOLIAMongolian tögrög
    MONTENEGROEuro, Euro sign
    MONTSERRATEastern Caribbean dollar
    MOROCCOMoroccan dirham
    NAMIBIANamibian dollar, South African Rand
    NEPALNepalese rupee
    NETHERLANDS ANTILLESDutch guilder, Netherlands Antillean guilder
    NEW ZEALANDNew Zealand dollar
    NICARAGUANicaraguan córdoba
    NIGERWest African CFA franc
    NIGERIANigerian naira
    NORWAYNorwegian krone
    OMANOmani rial
    PAKISTANPakistani rupee
    PANAMAUnited States Dollar, Panamanian balboa
    PAPUA NEW GUINEAPapua New Guinean kina
    PARAGUAYParaguayan guaraní
    PHILIPPINESPhilippine peso
    POLANDPolish złoty
    PUERTO RICOUnited States Dollar
    QATARQatari riyal
    ROMANIARomanian leu
    RWANDARwandan franc
    SAINT KITTS AND NEVISEastern Caribbean dollar
    SAINT LUCIAEastern Caribbean dollar
    SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINESEastern Caribbean dollar
    SAMOASamoan tālā
    SAO TOME AND PRINCIPESão Tomé and Príncipe dobra
    SAUDI ARABIASaudi Riyal
    SENEGALWest African CFA franc
    SERBIASerbian dinar
    SEYCHELLESSeychellois rupee
    SIERRA LEONESierra Leonean leone
    SINGAPORESingaporean Dollar
    SLOVAKIAEuro, Euro sign
    SOLOMON ISLANDSSolomon Islands dollar
    SOMALIASomali shilling
    SOUTH AFRICASouth African Rand
    SOUTH KOREASouth Korean won
    SRI LANKASri Lankan rupee
    SURINAMESurinamese dollar
    SWAZILANDSwazi lilangeni, South African rand
    SWEDENSwedish krona
    SWITZERLANDSwiss franc
    TAIWANNew Taiwan dollar
    TAJIKISTANTajikistani somoni
    TANZANIATanzanian shilling
    THAILANDThai baht
    THE GAMBIAGambian dalasi
    TOGOCFA franc
    TONGATongan paʻanga
    TRINIDAD AND TOBAGOTrinidad and Tobago dollar
    TUNISIATunisian dinar
    TURKEYTurkish lira
    TURKMENISTANTurkmenistan manat
    TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDSUnited States Dollar
    TUVALUAustralian dollar, Tuvaluan dollar
    UGANDAUgandan shilling
    UKRAINEUkrainian hryvnia
    UNITED ARAB EMIRATESUnited Arab Emirates dirham
    UNITED KINGDOMPound sterling
    UNITED STATESUnited States dollar
    URUGUAYUruguayan peso
    UZBEKISTANUzbekistani soʻm
    VANUATUVanuatu vatu
    VENEZUELAVenezuelan bolívar
    VIETNAMVietnamese dong
    VIRGIN ISLANDS (U.S.)United States Dollar
    YEMENYemeni rial
    ZAMBIAZambian kwacha
    ZIMBABWEUnited States Dollar, South African rand, Euro, Renminbi, Indian rupee, Pound sterling, Botswana Pula

    How To Open Payoneer Account In Nigeria

    It only takes a few steps to open a Payoneer account, and I will walk you through them to make it as simple as possible.

    Requirements for Opening a Payoneer Account

    Before opening a Payoneer account, the following items are required:

    • Your full name. Your legal name should be used.
    • Email address
    • Your primary residence address. This should be correct, as this is the address to which your card will be sent if you request one.
    • Date of birth
    • Your contact information
    • A government-issued identification card, e.g. (International Passport)

    Now, to create a Payoneer account, follow the steps below:

    1. To begin, visit the Payoneer website.
    2. On the website, click the Registerbutton.
    3. Complete the online registration form.
    4. Complete the online registration form. Ensure that you provide only accurate information.
    5. Verify the email address associated with your account.
    6. You’ll be prompted to verify your email address. Log into your email and click on the Payoneer link.

    Congratulations. You’ve created a Payoneer account!

    How to use Payoneer to send money or make a payment

    To send money or make a payment using Payoneer, follow these steps.
    To begin, sign in to your Payoneer account.

    1. To send money or make a payment, you must first log in.
    2. Click the pay button.
    3. From the top menu, select pay. Click on “Make a payment.”
    4. There are two options: pay your VAT or make a payment. Unless you are confident in your abilities, the prudent course of action is to make a payment.
    5. Determine the method by which you wish to send money. You can deposit funds into the recipient’s Payoneer account or directly into their bank account.
    6. Proceed with payment
    7. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your payment.

    How to use Payoneer to receive money

    Here are some methods for depositing funds into your Payoneer account.

    1. Make reference to your account number.

    Payoneer Global Payment Service enables you to open and manage bank accounts in a variety of different currencies. Simply provide the company or individual paying you with your bank account information.

    That is all that is required. After they deposit the funds into the bank account, the funds will appear in your Payoneer account.

    By logging into your account, you can view your account number. On the top menu, click Receive. Then, on the left, click Global Payment Service.

    There, you can view the details of your bank account.
    Select Receive.

    2. Inquire of your clients for payment.

    Alternatively, you can log into your Payoneer account and request payment from your clients. It’s quite simple.

    Simply access your account and submit a payment request. Your client will receive an email containing a payment link. Once the client makes the payment, the funds are transferred directly to your Payoneer account.

    You can request payment by logging into your Payoneer account, selecting Receive from the top menu bar, and then selecting Request Payment.

    3. Make a mass payout

    If you work as a freelancer or with businesses that accept Payoneer as a payment method, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and others. You simply need to register your Payoneer account with them, and they will send payment to your Payoneer account automatically.

    4. Login with your Payoneer email address.

    You can make payments to other Payoneer users. All you have to do is provide them with your Payoneer account’s email address. They will be able to transfer funds to you directly from their Payoneer account.

    How to transfer funds from your Payoneer account to your bank account in Nigeria

    Please keep in mind that there are two options and that you may choose only one! You can withdraw using a Payoneer card that will be mailed to you or your Nigerian bank account. If you choose the card option, you will be able to use the Payoneer card to withdraw money from ATMs but not to your bank account.

    If you withdraw funds from your bank account, you will be unable to obtain a card. Once you’ve decided to obtain the card, you will be unable to withdraw funds to your local bank account again.

    To withdraw funds from your Payoneer account in Nigeria, follow these steps:

    1. Access your account by logging in.

    To withdraw funds from your account, you must be logged in.

    2. Select withdraw.

    Withdraw is located on the top menu. Simply click on it.

    3. Select the account from which you wish to withdraw funds.

    You can see the various bank accounts associated with Payoneer. Choose the one from which you wish to withdraw.

    4. Include your bank account information.

    Include the details of the local bank account to which you wish to make a withdrawal.

    5. Complete abstention.

    Complete the process by following the instructions. Typically, it takes between one and five business days to receive funds due to the international nature of the transaction.

    To order a Payoneer card, follow these instructions.

    1. Log in to your Payoneer account.
    2. Click on Settings.
    3. From the drop-down menu, select Payoneer cards.
    4. When you hover your mouse over settings, you’ll notice Payoneer cards. Click on them.
    5. 4. Select “Order Now” from the drop-down menu.

    On the new page that appears, click order now. After clicking that, proceed with the on-screen instructions to complete your request.


    Creating a Payoneer account in Nigeria is very necessary if you are an online entrepreneur, and as long as you follow the steps above precisely, you should be fine. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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