FaucetPay.io Review: Scam or Legit?

    Is FaucetPay.io fake or real? Find out if FaucetPay.io is a scam or legit.

     Welcome to our website Azibase.com in this FaucetPay.io reviews, discover all about FaucetPay.io, whether it’s real or fake. Know everything about referral bonus and so on. We decided to go through through this platform FaucetPay.io we shall see how it works. 
    FaucetPay.io Review: Scam or Legit?

                      About FaucetPay.io

    Earnsanity is a GPT site where you get paid to complete offers. You can later on cash out your earnings to Paypal, crypto, and more!

    How to use FaucetPay?

    Using faucetpay is very simple.

    First of all, let’s add your coin addresses. Currently, supports FaucetPay 8 different coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Digibyte, Bitcoin Cash and Tron).

    Let’s add your addresses. Click on your profile icon in the right upper corner. Then, click on the “Linked Addresses” menu.

    You will see a page like this.

    In the Address field, enter the address of the coin you want and select it from the menu. If you’ve done this then you’re ready to start earning.

    Earn with FaucetPay

    You can earn in different ways, but the most common way is to use their list of supported faucets. There are also ways to earn on the site itself.


    You can complete offers/surveys and download apps to to receive USDP (FaucetPay currency for the offerwall). Currently, 400 USDP is equal to $1.

    There are 7 different offerwalls so enough ways to earn!

    Paid to Click

    If you don’t like offerwalls, why not give the PTC option a try. This option is filled with ads from users (you can create your own). You will get rewarded in Bitcoin for viewing sites for a few seconds.


    FaucetPay has some games that you can play to increase your earnings.


    A game where you can multiply your earnings by betting “High” or “Low”. There is a 50% win chance and an auto bet option.


    This game may see a bit confusing, it works as following. The game starts a new round and a line will go higher. This line represents the multiplier amount, this amount rises but can suddenly “Crash”.

    The goal is to cash out your earnings before it “crashes”, when it does, you will lose your bet.


    The last game is roulette.

    Here you will need to bet on “All red” or “all black”. You will need to set a bet on certain numbers to earn a higher multiplier.

    Trade (Coin Swap)

    You can even exchange your coins to the one(s) you are collecting.

    Create your own faucet

    Have you ever wanted to create your own crypto faucet? Well, FaucetPay has made it easier for you! Use their free script that’s available for WordPress and a PHP version.

    You can find the script under “API” and then “Faucet scripts”.

    Referral program

    There is a referral program that rewards you for games, exchanges, offerwall tasks and PTC uses from your referrals.

    Withdrawals and fees

    There are 2 options for withdrawals. The normalwithdrawal will take around 4 hours to complete and has only the normal fees.

    The priority withdrawal is completed within 5 minutes but you’ll have to pay a higher fee.

    The nice thing about FaucetPay is that the fees do not change if you have collected a higher amount of coins.

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