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What is  is an international sports betting app that encourages users who are passionate about and fans of various football sports games to make prediction and earn money if their forecasts are correct. like every other betting platform works the same way, all you have to do is predict the game and if your prediction was correct you earn a lot of cash in return.

How do I make money on ?

After you have signed up into you have to make deposits and expect good returns.

On their site it is stated on their site that after you have made an investment of $100 you expect $8 in return.

Here are a list of some of other offers:

• 300 Dollar for 15 Dollar Reward

• 600 Dollar for 40 Dollar Reward

• 1000 Dollar for 80 Dollar Reward

• 5000 Dollar for 420 Dollar Reward

10,000 Dollar for 1000 Dollar Reward

• 30,000 Dollar for 3680 Dollar Reward

  • Referrals: When you refer anyone to register on the platform using your referral link, you receive $2 when they click it, and $15 for every sign up.
  • And performing daily tasks on the platform

How much can you earn on this platform?

To earn a good amount you have to put in a lot of effort and you can earn more if you put in the effort and hard work and consistency.

Who can join

There are no country restrictions on although you have to be at least 18 years old to be able to access it.

Does charge any membership fee to join?

They don't charge membership fee but you must invest to earn and withdraw your from..

How to sign up for

Click here to take you to the sign-up page. Now you have to enter in your full name, your email, and your password, and click on signuser.

Who is CEO/Founder of

For some unknown reason, the owner or founder of the platform did not review any information about the CEO of the platform.

no one knows who the owner/founder of but I will update you if anything is found about the founder.

Is legit or a scam?

At the  moment writing this article, had just been launched as a funding platform, so we couldn't tell whether it was legitimate or not.

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