Andy Dick (Ugbekile David Osemeke) Recent Biography, Networth, Real Age, movies, Marital status

Andy Dick whose real name is Andrew Tomlinson was born in Charleston, South Carolina on the 21st of December, 1965, and was adopted almost immediately after his birth by Sue Dick and Allen Dick who raised him in a Presbyterian household.

Before his family settled in Chicago, Andrew spent most of his time in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Yugoslavia. He fell in love with theater during his high school days and participated in lots of school musical productions.

Andrew was elected ‘homecoming king’ in high school and graduated in 1984.

After his graduation, Andy joined the second city improvisational theater group in Chicago which was one of the most famous and influential comedy theater groups in the world.

He also took classes at Illinois Wesleyan University just before moving out to Columbia College, Chicago where he found the time to link up with the iO theater group in the college during his stay there.


Andy Dick Biography

Andy Dick was born Andy Tomlinson on the 21st of December, 1965 but after his adoption, his name was changed to Andrew Roane Dick by his adopted parents Allen and Sue Dick.

He was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and is currently 57 years old. By profession, he is a comedian, musician, actor, film and Tv producer, screenwriter, Tv director, and voice actor. Andy is an American with a height of 5’10” (1.784m).


Andy Dick Career

Appearing on ‘The Ben Stiller Show’ as a cast member was Andy Dick’s first big career moment. In 1993 after ‘The Ben Stiller Show’ had ended, Andy had his first main film role in ‘Double Dragon’ which was adapted from a video game in 1994, Andy also acted a role in an episode of ‘The Nanny’. He then took a role in the ‘Get Smart’ television remake and NBC’s ‘Go fish’. Andy Dick played the role of Matthew Brock in the sitcom News Radio on NBC but due to its low ratings, the show was canceled in 1999.

Andy returned to playing his role in Bong Water with Jack Black and Luke Wilson and also took a role in another play, Inspector Gadget while in 1999. In 2001 Andy Dick created his own show ‘The Andy Dick Show’ which was written and directed by himself, it aired on MTV playing different roles in each episode and using a mock and documentary blend approach as he mocks various celebrities with some of the guest-starring in the show but unfortunately, the show was canceled after three seasons in 2003.

In 2004, he played a role on MTV’s ‘The Assistant’ which went on for about eight episodes before it was canceled.  Andy Dick appeared in various movies all through the 2000s and he also made an appearance in one episode of ‘The Real World’. Andy Dick established himself as a talented voice actor also as he voiced the character of Nuka in many parts of Disney’s ‘Lion King’ and also the character of Bingo in the ‘Hood winked’ film franchise.


Andy Dick Personal life

Andy Roane Dick declared himself bisexual which he stated in a 2006 interview with the Washington Post and he also came out during an episode of VHI’s Sober House 1. Though he was famous for his many show and movies and also comedy, his name still popped up in many controversies which included sexual assault on various occasions.


Wealth Source

Andy Dick’s wealth depended on the various shows he took part in including his own show which was unfortunately canceled. He also took up roles in various other movies and shows which earned him quite a lot resulting in his net worth totaling up to $3 million. He earned also from singing, producing, and doing voiceovers.

Andy Dick Net Worth

Andy Dick’s net worth from his various appearance in movies, Tv programs, and Tv shows including his own show ‘The Andy Dick Show’ has been estimated to be approximately $3 million.

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