Review: Find out if is a scam or legit.

    Is fake or real? 

     Welcome to our website in this reviews, discover all about investment, whether it’s real or fake. Know everything about referral bonus and so on. We decided to go through through this platform we shall see how it works. Review: Find out if is a scam or legit.


    Shopify or or is
    identifiable by the above three names. Their
    domain name is while they claim to be Shopify. For clarity, we would be using all three names where necessary.

    Whatever this website is, is what we are about to find out. Exercise some patience as we walk you through the ins and out of this claims boldly to share some
    connection with Shopify. Shopify Inc. is a
    Canadian multinatiornal e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. It is also the name of its proprietary e-commerce platformn for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. The Shopify platform offers online retailers a suite of services including payments,
    marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools(source: Wikipedia).

    Well, what we discover from this website is that it is an investment website that assures users of profits on their investment. They also claim to reward users who bring new users into the system through referral.

    There is also the "grab". In this section of
    earning from this website, you shop, and get a commission on every item you purchase. Maybe due to this reason called itself partners with Shopify. Anyhow, if it happens to be this reason, then might be sued for impersonating cos no traces of mutual and legal agreement on this note.

    One could also upgrade to a higher VIP package on this website. VIP 1 is cost-free and you can earn Ksh36 with six product grabs daily. VIP 2
    costs Ksh1,150 and you can earn Ksh360 daily with six product grabs daily. VIP 3 costs
    Ksh2,500 and you can earn Ksh600 daily with six product grabs daily.

    How does Shopify Work 

    A lot about how works have been
    discussed in the about section. We'd love you
    re-read that sub-topic again for a better
    understanding of how works. If any
    information appears daunting, don't be shy to express yourself in the comments box or reach out to us via our email address or social media outlets as we would gladly love to help as best we could.

    How much can you earn on this platform?

    To earn a good amount you have to put in a lot of effort.

    Who can join

    There are no country restrictions on although you have to be at least 18 years old to be able to access it.

    Does charge any membership fee to join?

    They don't charge membership fee but you must invest to earn and withdraw your from..

    How to sign up for

    Click here to take you to the sign-up page. Now you have to enter in your full name, your email, and your password, and click on signuser.

    Who is CEO/Founder of

    For some unknown reason, the owner or founder of the platform did not review any information about the CEO of the platform.

    no one knows who the owner/founder of but I will update you if anything is found about the founder.

    Is legit or a scam?

    At the  moment writing this article, had just been launched as a funding platform, so we can't tell whether it is legitimate or not.

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