Tidex.com Review: Everything You Need To Know About Tidex Exchange | How To Get $20 Worth of TDX Token

    Tidex.com Review: Everything You Need To Know About Tidex Exchange | How To Get $20 Worth of TDX Token

    What is Tidex Exchange

    Tidex Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) with a long history and experience, dating back to 2017, co-founded by the creator and CEO of the cryptocurrency platform Waves Platform. Tidex has a native token that is about to be launched on May 25th, 2022.

    Tidex token is an exchange service token for the Tidex Exchange, the existence of which is secured for use and access to several services and functions on the Tidex Exchange.

    Usefulness Of Tidex Ecosystem

    Let’s take a look at the Tidex ecosystems and see some of its benefits and what makes it unique

    Spot trading

    secure buying and selling of crypto assets on a centralized platform. You can place orders and execute transactions in four types – placing preset limit orders, buying assets by market order, stop-limit orders, and placing ОСО (One Cancels the Other) orders; it is an order that allows two orders to be placed simultaneously.


    Mechanism of initial placement of tokens for their further development. This is often carried out by new projects to release their cryptocurrency when investment capital is still being raised. The placement of tokens takes place immediately on the exchange, which increases the credibility of the project and 

    simplifies distribution mechanisms. When conducting an IEO, the Tidex team performs a preliminary security check, and auditing work to analyze several tasks (investment attractiveness, risks, potential, etc.)

    Earn System

    Today, one of the most popular and easiest ways to use cryptocurrency. This is realized by placing and storing tokens on the exchange while expanding the range of their implementation in addition to trading. The alternative of the basic use of tokens besides buying and selling is not only an opportunity to expand the possibility of users but also an additional activity for projects to develop their solutions. 

    Earn Competition

    One of the methods of increasing interest in the projects that are posted on the exchange by holding competitions. Certain conditions are set for users and rewards are given, which are raffled off among the most active participants. 

    Operational Background Of Tidex Exchange

    The TDX token is needed for various transactions within the Tidex ecosystem:

    • Payment of Maker-Taker commissions on spot and margin exchange transactions
    • Payment on NFT Marketplace
    • Tidex fees 
    • Listing fees
    • Participation in crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns of community members

    How To Get $20 Worth of TDX Token

    Getting 200 TDX tokens worth $20 is assured if the requirements are met with the particular set date.

    • Get 200 TDX($20) when you сomplete registration on the exchange, pass the KYC and make a deposit of 20 USDT or more; Register Here
    • Get 70TDX($7)  For each user you invite who fulfills the conditions of AirDrop
    • Get 30 TDX($3) For each user who fulfills the conditions of AirDrop, if your referral refer users

    Deposited coins can be withdrawn after completing the required steps and a total of 2,000,000 TDX will be distributed on May 25th, 2022 and the remaining 18,000,000 TDX will be distributed over 18 months starting from November 11th, 2022.

    Final Verdict

    After the Airdrop, the Cex launch pads begin, and the first open round of TDX sales on the Tidex centralized exchange from May 25, 2022, to May 30, 2022. The offer of 21,000,000 TDX with a price of 0.095 USD i.e. with a 5% discount from the initial price.

    The distribution ion of tokens is daily for 12 months according to the vesting model after 1 month of a cliff. At the time of TGE, 15% of tokens will be available. The result of this stage forms the activity of the token and realizes the potential for its development.

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