Mises (MIS COIN) Airdrop Review: Everything You Need To Know About Mises (MIS COIN) | How Claim To Mises (MIS COIN) Airdrop | Legit or Scam

    Mises (MIS COIN) Airdrop Review: Everything You Need To Know About Mises (MIS COIN) | How Claim To Mises (MIS COIN) Airdrop | Legit or Scam

    What is Mises

      Mises is a decentralized social network protocol built via blockchain technology, and dedicated to aiding the users to control their personal data and 100% freedom of speech.

    Main features integrated into Mises Web3 social network includes: Mises ID, Community, Decentralized Storage, Browser, Wallet, etc… Mises embeds an enhanced Metamask plugin for users to access Mises Chain.

    Download the Mises Browser and Claim your own $MIS COIN instantly after the download and signup. Estimated TotalSupply of MIS COIN is between 270m and 600m ; explore their official website to learn more: https://www.mises.site

    Video Guidelines for claiming the Mises (MIS COIN) Airdrop, to avoid mistakes:

    • The requirement to be eligible to participate in MIS COIN airdrop is to have a Twitter Account of creation date must be BEFORE January 1, 2022.
    • Watch Video for the steps on how to claim Mises COIN airdrop. For guidelines and further information, kindly join their official Telegram Group: t.me/Misesofficial
    • Note that, Airdrop is 50/50. Claim yours and move on to other important things you are doing. Direct your questions only on their telegram group for proper explanation.


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