Review: Everything You Need To Know About Legit or Scam?


    What is

     Chaincling or Chaincling com is an online store that sells variety of items like YETI cooler, blender, microwave, mattress protector, etc. for super cheap prices. However, the discount offer is not real or genuine. Below are reasons why you shouldn’t shop from the store;

    Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Shop From

    Customer Complaints has a 1 star ratings on Scamdoc. According to customer reviews, the store isn’t genuine. Customers who paid for an item were sent wrong tracking code. Meanwhile, all efforts to contact the store has been futile. 

    I ordered a YETI cooler bag and boxes a few weeks ago and still no notification. sending them an email gets me no response. I’m now down £1556.00 and don’t know how to recover the costs…

    NOTE: Ill update this if they give me a response or I get the items – So far NOTHING.


    Fake Address:

    The store’s address ”160 Market Way, England, CV3P 7DX, United Kingdom” is fake. There is no business called Chaincling listed in the address. Meanwhile, the exact address has been used by a fraudulent online store we reviewed a while ago.

    Poor Customer Support:

    The website’s telephone number  +447360 253778 is not functioning. All efforts to contact the customer agent has been futile as both the telephone number and email address does not work.


    Chaincling located at is a viral scam
    online store luring customers with super cheap
    prices. Do not be deceived! The store's address and
    telephone number are fake. You wouldn't receive
    your item after placing an order

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