Investment Review: Everything You Need To Know About Legit or Scam?



    In this article like said we shall focus solely on what is and all it’s amazing features and whether it should be trusted on not.

    In this article we will answer lot of amazing features and what their main aim is and by the end of this article you will find of whether this article suits you or not, you can trust the team at #Azibase as we will give you a good honest review concerning this platform.

    And by the end of this article we shall give our final verdict and talk about whether this platform is legit or scam. 

    Let us dive into This. Investment Review: Everything You Need To Know About Legit or Scam?

    What is is an investment company, which was founded by a team of distinguished professional financial managers, analyst and experienced developers who came together to create a universal platform for cryptocurrency lovers worldwide.


    Investment Plans: 0.5% daily for 500 Business Days, 3% daily for 90 Days, 6% daily for 35 Days, 12% daily for 18 Business Days, 20% daily for 10 Business Days (Principal Return)

    Minimal Spend: $10

    Min Withdraw: $0.1 PM, $1 for Payeer,AdvCash,NixMoney,ePayCore; $20 BTC/ETH/ERC2O/Paypal and $10 for the rest Crypto currencies

    Referral: 3 Levels: 5% – 2% – 1% Review

    Date Added
    3% daily for 90 Days

    Alexa Traffic Rank115675

    Is paying, legit or scam?

    At the  moment writing this article, had just been launched as a funding platform, so we can't tell whether it is legitimate or not.

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    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 21 August 2022 at 08:39

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      Send an email to (support @ reversalpro. com) to get in contact with them.

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