How To Create An Nft On Opensea | How Do I Set Up An Nft Wallet?

    How To Create An Nft On Opensea | How Do I Set Up An Nft Wallet?


    Understanding NFT

    The emergence of NFT tokens isn’t something new that has never been seen before in history. Even the idea of tokenization, on which the phenomenon is based, came much earlier than the world’s first computer. How is this possible?

    NFT, is short for “non-fungible token” or “irreplaceable coin.” Tokens are used for trading pieces of art via blockchain. 

    One of the first examples of selling art using the NFT concept was CryptoKitties. The browser-based game allows people to become cat breeders on blockchain with all the trappings: care, breeding and selling the most exotic pets. Unlike the classic breeders market, digital cats do not suffer and are sold at prices ranging from 0.5 ETH to 20 and above. 

    What is Opensea?

    Opensea as we know it is the largest NFT marketplace and is the most preferred NFT marketplace due to several reasons. I’ll highlight a few of them below:

    • It is User-friendly for beginners: 

    Open Sea makes it simple for users to trade NFTs without any prior experience. 

    • They have a huge Liquidity Pool: 

    What this means is that users can easily buy or sell Ntfs more quicker.

    It’s noteworthy to mention that for one to trade Nfts (buying and selling Nfts) in the Opensea marketplace, you’ll need a digital currency(e.g ETH), a crypto wallet, and an OpenSea account.

    How Do I Set Up An Nft Wallet? 

    NFT wallets can be seen as the software used to communicate with the blockchain networks to safely access, send and receive Nfts. They are various wallets you can use to store your Nfts like Coinbase wallets,metamask, etc. For this article, we’ll use metamask.

    • Download the MetaMask app to your smartphone 

    For iPhone users, you can download it on App Store.

    Android users can get theirs on the Google play store.

    • Click “Get Started” 
    • For new users, click “Create a new wallet” 
    • Follow the prompts to choose your password and confirm it
    • Then copy and keep your seed phrase safe
    • Confirm your seed phrase
    • Congratulations if you followed this instruction because you’ve successfully set up your metamask wallet.

    How Do I Connect My Wallet To Open Sea?

    • Click 

    Create an account if you have none.

    • Click on profile and click on  “connect wallet”.
    • Select Metamask or any other wallet and follow the prompts to finish the process 

    How To Create An Nft Collection

    An NFT collection is where you can publish related NFTs or different variations of a single NFT each with unique characteristics. It’s More or less a digital artwork and portfolio.

    To make a collection, follow these steps:

    • Go to your OpenSea profile and then click My Collection.
    • To create a new collection, click Create.
    • Include a logo, a featured image, and a banner image.
    • Give your collection a name, a description, and a category.
    • Select the resale fee you will receive on all future resales of your NFTs.
    • Choose the blockchain and accepted payment methods
    • Choose a display theme and then click Create.

    How To Create An Nft On Opensea

    Minting an Nft is simply adding artwork to your collection. It is very simple and straightforward. All you need do Is follow the following steps;

    • Open the newly created collection.
    • Select “Add Item”. This is where you upload your already designed artwork.
    • Give your NFT a name and upload it.
    • Fill in the blanks with the properties, levels, and other attributes.
    • When you’re finished, click Create.

    Pending on the Blockchain you are using to mint, You may need to pay a one-time initialization fee to grant OpenSea access to your NFT items for your first NFT listing (You don’t need any fee if you use the Polygon network). Following that, you will provide a digital signature, and OpenSea will publish the NFT to the market.

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