Airdrop Bot: Run & Burn | Claim 6.6 KCAL

 🔥 Airdrop: Run & Burn

💸 Prize Pool: 12,000 KCAL

💎 Per Claim: 6.6 KCAL

👥 Referral: 3,000 KCAL [~$2,250] for the top 30 referrers.

🏦 Distribution: 30th October, 2022

🔗 Airdrop Link:

1️⃣ Click the above Airdrop Link

2️⃣ Complete the given tasks

3️⃣ Submit the required details

Note: We share only legit and free Airdrops daily. Always participate in Airdrops for free, and don't spend any money for recieving any token.


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