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Coincity-ex.com Investment Review: Is Coincity-ex.com Legit or Scam?

Is Coincity-ex.com Legit or Scam?

What is Coincity-ex.com?

This is a scam investment website that promise a huge return on investment, claims to trade Crypto and Forex trading. It claims that it was created for people interested in crypto markets but had little knowledge about trading or how cryptocurrency works. Coincity-ex.com is a scam investment company that claims to have been developed under the control of an experienced team of highly qualified financial experts and professional traders for private highly profitable online investments.


Coincity-ex.com is a fraudulent website
due to the following reasons:-

It is not a new kind of scam. If you search around the
internet then you can find out lots of similar kinds of
scam sites. You should know that all of these kinds of
sites have plenty of complaints and dissatisfaction
from various people.

However this is a scam, after investing when it is time to withdraw you are asked to pay for tax, in essence you can not withdraw your money… This screams FAKE.

The people behind these scams simply keep on launching new "systems" and I "'apps" under new names like, dotxhash, Usdtbinace.an attempt to escape the negative reviews so that they can continue tricking people into joining.

There is no doubt that that it is a scam as several people have left some negative reviews online calling it for what it is, A SCAM just like Usdtaonim[ad]

Who is the CEO/ Founder of Coincity-ex.com?

For some reason which is unknown the ceo of this platform is not known, this reduces site transparency and shows a huge sign of a shady business that should not be trusted, but I have seen some online platform that are legit but the ceo remain anonymous.

When was Coincity-ex.com Founded

No one knows when exactly this platform was founded although we do know that it was just launched


Coincity-ex.com App | Do Coincity-ex.com Have an App

At the time of writing this article, Coincity-ex.com do not a mobile app only a good design and a user friendly site.

Coincity-ex.com Payment Proof

At the time of writing this article there were no payment proof available, this is because they were just launched although we would be update this site if we see any payment proof, so make sure to opt into our notification feature to see updates.

Is Coincity-ex.com Legit or Scam?

Scam Platform, don’t fall for this..Kk 


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  1. Unfortunately the site has still my money and they don’t give me them back. It is impossible to contact a customer service

  2. They won't let you withdraw even after you pay their 10% taxess.. my money was stuck for months until I took some necessary steps recommended by a fellow trader in the same situation; thmlarge@icloud com

    1. YES! I found Thomas (thmlarge@icloud com) on a reputable forum too and he has been nothing but helpful to me, my initial deposits was released on 11/09/2022

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