Oxxotask Review: is Oxxotask.com legit or scam? Find out

  If you are still in search for answer to the question “is Oxxotask legit or scam” Then you are welcome to this Review, get all the answers about Oxxotask here

Oxxotask Review: is Oxxotask.com legit or scam? Find out

What Is Oxxotask?

Oxxotask.com is a platform that promises to reward users with a commission of 1.20usdt to 4400usdt per day. Before the user will start executing tasks on the platform you are expected to recharge your account to any of the vip plans that you can afford to recharge on.

Users' earnings depend on the vip plan they recharge on the platform the higher the vip plan the higher the income user will earn.

How to Get Started | How to Earn Cash on Oxxotask.com platform

Getting started with this platform is very easy, this platform is not hard to get started with and to earn as well. We will guide you on how to get start with Oxxotask.com.

It take three steps to get started with Oxxotask platform and we will talk about that in this section.

  1. You first of all have to register into Oxxotask.com platform when getting started
  2. Ones you are done signing up, you will be rewarded with $6 to start earning cool cash.
  3. You can choose any of their VIP plan available to increase your order and earn more.


Participating in Oxxotask.com Referral Scheme

This is a good way to earn and increase your cash on Oxxotask.com platform, you can get your unique referral link via your account dash board.

This link can be shared any where online and on any social media platform either Facebook, instagram, twitter or whatsapp as long as it is a place where you can tell people the benefit of this platform and lure them to sign up.

Who Is The CEO / Founder?

There has been no information concerning the founder of Oxxotask.com. Well, the developers have done a superb job on this part, and it seems very suspicious.

Oxxotask.com Sign Up

Oxxotask.com Sign Up

Are you ready to create your greenhash account? Visit the official website  sign-up to go to the registration page.

How to withdraw on Oxxotask.com?

Well, withdrawals are paid directly to the bank account submitted during registration. Even an amateur could guess that.

Technically, there is no specific time to withdraw on Oxxotask which means you can always withdraw any time you want.

Is Oxxotask.com Legit or Scam?

Oxxotask.com is a BIG scam, and won’t pay you a dime of what you earn. However, this platform was created with the main aim of scamming people of their money which most users have already complained of.

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