Spell Airdrop Bot–Get $SPELL daily from Spell Token Airdrop

Spell Airdrop–Get $SPELL daily from Spell Token Airdrop

This is a platform that allows users to deposit collateral in the form of interest-bearing crypto assets in order to mint MIM, a stable coin that aims to retain a value of US$1.00, is in charge of SPELL. To gain $SPELL, which provides governance rights and other benefits, SPELL can be staked.

❇️ Please do SPELL TOKEN Airdrop Tasks "HERE"

Daily Reward: Get 1 $SPELL each

 Referral Reward: Get 2 $SPELL each

 Top 100 Referrers will Get 120 $SPELL each

 Winners: For All Valid Participants

 Min Withdrawal: Get 5 $SPELL Token

🔚 Airdrop End Date: September 30th, 2022

🆓 Distribution Date: Instantly within 12hrs

📍 Contract: "0x468003B688943977e6130F4F68F23aad939a1040"

☄️ Network: FANTOM (FTM)

☄️ Token Name: Spell Token

☄️ Token Symbol: SPELL

☄️ Decimal: 18

🔹 Total Supply: 1,129,119,213 $SPELL

🕵️‍♂️ How to Add $SPELL Custom Token into Metamask / TrustWallet! 👇 

  • 1️⃣☆ Select "Import Token" or "Add Custom Token+" in your Metamask / TrustWallet
  • 2️⃣☆ Enter Contract Address: "0x468003B688943977e6130F4F68F23aad939a1040"
  • 3️⃣☆ Network= FANTOM> Name= Spell Token> Symbol= SPELL> Decimals= 18

🔹☆ Done!

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