The MainNet Launch Update for Satoshi CORE

The MainNet Launch Update for Satoshi CORE

 In order to foster a safer and rebust Blockchain, the recently announced auditing firms – Least Authority & Halborn Security, will present certification and go ahead order upon conclusion of their audits on CORE Chain’s Smart Contract & Security before the MainNet will be activated. Stay focused and keep accumulating CORE.

This announcement doesn’t mean postponement of Q3 MainNet schedule.

Read carefully. The CoreDao has concluded all test network systems since July. The recently announced auditing firms must finish their work and certify the Blockchain’s security and smart contract before the Main-net will be released.

Don’t be in haste. A project team that spent over 6m USD on BTC Giveaway won’t activate mainnet without proper scrutiny.

The development team of Satoshi Core, @Coredao_Org are financially capable to pull necessary tasks, that’s reason they’ve never requested external funds, nor monetized Satoshi Core Mining app, yet gave out $6m+ in BTC Giveaway; still giving BTC as referral bonus & rewards to new miners for 7days. Paid huge $$$ for auditing of Core Chain’s Security and Smart Contracts.

MainNet launch of Satoshi Core will be activated prior to the certification (affirmation) by Least Authority and Halborn Security. Participants are eligible to join Telegram Announcement Channeland the Telegram Group Chat for further information, exchange of HashCard, and testnet processes.

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