Are forex signals of any use?

Anyone who trades forex has definitely encountered others offering either paid or free signals for others to copy and execute. But are they of any use? Has anyone ever made any signaificant amount from following these signals? I’m genuinely interested in finding out. It’s seems as though that is a shortcut to making it in the forex industry without going through the rollercoaster of emotions that come with forex trading on a live account.

Forex signals are not only useful but serves as guidance for newbies. Even sometimes, the expert traders sometimes always use forex signals. But one needs to becareful because it is not all signals that are right. I don't always pay for signals and I always make sure I do some other findings after getting signal.

I think they do help.. but you need to pick ones that are most accurate. Most of them are requiring payment though but the win ratio os higher. As they said it was premium signals. I've seens a lot of them and some people i know use them and i think they are making a lot so it's kinda worth it to buy the signals

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