Bitcoin Prediction 2022: $30,000 Could Be Achievable Value For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Prediction 2022: $30,000 Could Be Achievable Value For Bitcoin


Many predictions have been established worldwide regarding the price of Bitcoin and its future fluctuations.

We must evaluate all the aspects inherent to the cryptocurrency digital market. This year has been very particular because external factors outside this ecosystem have violated the possible situations that would have changed the course of digital currencies.  Check The Official Website if you want to start your bitcoin investment and increase your knowledge accordingly.

It is better to see the bulls from the sidelines.

The cryptocurrency market has shown to date not to have many investors since the crypto winter has caused them to withdraw and set their investment funds to other types of assets.

It may be that the institutional whales are not trying to be part of the market; on the contrary, many have withdrawn when they have considered they have not generated losses, but they are waiting for a change in trend to make investment decisions.

The projections for Bitcoin point to a price of 30,000 dollars which could be maintained for the next semester until the upward trend reaches the necessary strength to take off and thus exit the crypto winter with returns in which investors recover that allow carrying the price about 50,000 dollars.

Many analysts at the end of 2021, such as the last all-time high reached by Bitcoin, assumed it would get $100,000. They did not expect a relatively complex scenario where it is pretty tricky for Bitcoin to reach that figure in 2022.

The dilemma between the bearish and bullish market has not allowed stability to be generated in the market; even though Bitcoin seems to have reached a floor that will enable it to boost its value, previously, a price lateralization phase would be generated in that the value of Bitcoin did not seem to increase or decrease significantly.

The tension in the digital currency market continues, much more knowing that there are Bitcoin units in Mt Gox, where the transactions that these generate are expected since if these sales occur, the market could go through a fall again that could bottom out with values between $17,000 and $18,000.

That is why the best suggestion before a stage of imbalance, many analysts usually recommend seeing the fluctuations of Bitcoin from the outside, waiting for it to reach its floor level to be  later part of a bullish stage that will last several months.

Could the Ethereum merger contribute to the rise of Bitcoin?

The largest digital asset that competes with Bitcoin is Ethereum, which emerged in 2015 and has stood out for its innovative features in terms of the use of the blockchain. Its protocol guarantees the solution to any inconveniences arising within the network.

The fact that this digital asset is accessible to all has allowed many people to consider it a digital financial instrument with a positive aspect of energy consumption, which has become the focal point of the merger that would enable much more environmentally friendly transactions.

Said merger will transform how this cryptocurrency is produced, which has caused many expectations regarding the change of cryptocurrency mining to a much more scalable, sustainable, and secure process, which can contribute to the variation in the price of Ethereum if companies consider this to be a digital asset with potential.

Proof of participation may have a positive influence by attracting more users who wish to be part of this process and thus contribute to the purchase of ETH, increasing the market and shifting the demand curve.

What are the expectations of buying Bitcoin?

Two crucial aspects could keep the bears in a position to maintain the trend. This one focuses on the measures taken by the FED and the release of Bitcoins from Mt Gox.

Regarding interest rates, we have seen that the measures reduced the expected impact and allowed cryptocurrencies to advance slowly but progressively, an exciting aspect.

If the 137,000 BTC is maintained in the crypto market, the impact would not be more significant since the market would continue its development while waiting for an upward trend that would allow closing the year at a maximum that could exceed 30,000 dollars per Bitcoin unit.


The financial markets are uncertain; we do not know precisely what could happen; it only remains to evaluate the factors that have kept the crypto market suppressed to find an optimal entry point in the uptrend.

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