KYC Verification: Everything You Need To Do

Follow this guidelines to perform KYC Verification successfully on the ByTrade crypto asset trading platform. KYC Verification: Everything You Need To Do

Steps to perform KYC Verification on

After successfully registration on ByTrade, proceed to download the app app on Google Playstore (for Android devices) or Apple Store (for iOS). Login and tap on the top left corner, to see the following features;

  • Invitation, Consolidation Bill, Security Center, Payment Management, Language Settings, About Us, Community, Platform Announcement,…

Select the Security Center. Then choose “Real Name Verification” and input your full name as it is on whichever identity card you’ll be uploading for kyc verification. Follow the instructions outlined there, please. After submitting it, it’ll take a few hours for feedback to be sent.

How to Know when your KYC is verified or Rejected by ByTrade?

Presently there’s no email feedback for kyc acceptance or rejection. So, when you are done submitting your KYC, you can keep checking the app from time to time. Same procedure you used in locating the real name verification; from there you’ll be seeing if it is under review, approved or declined (rejected).

Is Trading on ByTrade advisable?

This article is strictly based on our experience. Currently, we’ve observed that the ByTrade crypto exchange has been in trading for about a year, based on articles they’ve published beforehand. The Airdrop strategy of their utility asset called BTT is what’s bringing them to limelight, nonetheless we’ll advise anyone to trade cautiously.

Additionally, endeavor to follow their official twitter account “@bytradeio” and Telegram Channel “@bytradeio” to be getting updates regarding the exchange and other products they will be bringing in future.

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