P2E NFT Review: Everything You Need To Know About P2E NFT

P2E NFT Review: Everything You Need To Know About P2E NFT


P2E NFT are two acronyms that have been lumped together and they refer to ‘play to earn’ and ‘non-fungible token’ respectively.

These are most commonly seen together to describe P2E NFT games. As such, there are games out there that you can play to earn non-fungible tokens. Here’s a little breakdown of each acronym to help you out a little further:

NFT: Non-fungible tokens are so popular that they’ve virtually gone mainstream. Some of the top NFT tokens have been sold for millions of dollars and they have been for anything from original artwork to a Twitter tweet. The NFT basically gives you the exclusive ownership of a unique asset which could be anything from a gaming avatar to a YouTube video.

P2E NFT combined: Taking these two acronyms together we can see that a play to earn game will let you earn unique NFT tokens. These NFT tokens could then be added to your collection or even sold for real money on an NFT marketplace. As such, there are plenty of people who have made money from playing P2E NFT games.


NFT games used to be more notable in how they gave you a chance to earn non-fungible tokens, rather than the quality of the gameplay. However, the following P2E NFT games manage to get the balance just about right:

  • Spinterlands: Collect rare cards to earn top NFTs in this free-to-play P2E game
  • Axie Infinity: The cuteness of Pokemon welded to the Ethereum blockchain
  • Battle of Guardians: Classic fighting game with an NFT twist
  • Metawars: Dazzling sci-fi sees you collecting robots while earning NFTs

    Now that we’ve cleared up those all-important questions like, ‘What are NFT games?’ we can see that this is the start of something pretty significant. The fact that you could play games to earn assets that you trade for money is the polar opposite of how we’ve previously had to pay money to play games.

    What’s best is that this new model of gaming is great news for both the consumer and the games’ developer. After all, the total lack of intermediaries means that costs are kept low and the gamer and the studio enjoy a closer relationship. All of which shows that the P2E NFT gaming revolution is only just getting started!

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