The news and advances in technology around the Metaverse do not stop emerging; more and more companies and creative ideas arise to cover the most significant number of aspects of real life, making the virtual reality experience as similar as possible to reality. Many genuine people have invested in this crypto at, a reliable trading platform.

At this stage, most companies want to design applications that allow the execution of daily tasks from a 3D perspective; Mark Zuckerberg is the primary person responsible for this Metaverse movement, making this virtual world much more popular than ever expected. 

Metaverse Economic Outlook

The estimated calculations around the creation of the Metaverse imply large amounts of money invested in state-of-the-art technology, which undoubtedly represents a challenge for technology companies, but not something impossible.

What makes this proposal for a fusion between virtual and augmented reality interesting is the capacity with which the initial capital investments can be multiplied; so to speak, by the end of this decade, the Metaverse is expected to reach a valuation of almost 1,000 million dollars that later in 20 years it can triple.

The platform that caused a worldwide sensation year ago was the creation of the Internet; today, it is expected to create a new concept with which a new Internet is assumed, called Web3.

Unlike the current Internet, where only a few companies have a monopoly on what is offered on the Internet, it is time to make a change where interoperability between many companies is an element that not only diversifies the service to be generated but also interconnection and Ease of users to move between the various options.

These technological proposals stand out for being decentralized; many people want to carry out their operations anywhere in the world without an intermediary controlling the transaction.

The possibility of merging the two worlds is quite overwhelming. Still, the fact of acquiring something within the Metaverse and being able to expose it in the real world is another relevant aspect; such is the case of the presence of individuals in the Metaverse, the possibility of work and entertainment, as well as makingpayments for goods and services that have an impact on reality.

There are many expectations at the economic and financial level of the Metaverse, where decentralized finance will surely be the protagonist to serve as a bridge for all economic and financial transactions that are expected to be executed in this technological environment.

The decentralization of the Metaverse will allow many people and companies to carry out daily activities such as socializing, working, entertaining, buying, and selling products, goods, and services, among many other activities that will undoubtedly be used by large corporations which will create a presence in the market.

Technology and Networking will have their space in the Metaverse

Many companies are creating various options, including applications that allow users to carry out daily tasks with the comfort and simplicity of specialized software available to everyone.

In this case, a new tool emerges that will promote specialized projects and network work at the business level after the constant technological innovations.

This proposal arises from the constant needs arising about the labor aspect and the creation of various corporate events. It has been presented to the world under the name of Koonstel.

It was created under a wholly automated and interactive environment, allowing users to explore this platform's interface through avatars.

The main objective of this platform is to position itself as a tool that allows not only individuals but also companies to create a kind of feedback where, through meetings, new technological projects can be made that professionally benefit many people.

With this application, intermediaries are eliminated in terms of alliances between companies to achieve solutions to technological projects requiring trained professionals.

Contacts will be made directly between companies and professionals with the necessary qualities and skills and offering training through participation in massive events such as fairs and congresses.


The opportunities that will arise from the Metaverse are too many, and all sectors will have similar conditions to promote, offer and carry out any transaction that benefits Metaverse users in equal parts.

Another exciting aspect offered by the Metaverse is the decrease in operating costs by creating events that bring together virtual world users, which apparently will boost the digital economy on a larger scale.


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