What Is A GPT (get-paid-to) Site?

What Is A GPT (get-paid-to) Site?

GPT (get-paid-to) are sites funded by advertisers and marketing research companies, which is how they can afford to pay you and still make a profit as a business.

Anyone can sign up for free and start doing simple tasks from a computer or mobile device.

When you sign up to a GTP site, you can earn cash rewards by completing the following tasks:

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  • Taking online surveys.
  • Completing offers.
  • Browsing the web.
  • Watching sponsored videos.
  • Installing apps on your phone.
  • Doing microtasks.
  • Shopping (cashback incentives)
  • And more!

As you can see, these are easy tasks that anyone can do in their spare time.

They are 100% free to join, and you don’t need any special skills to get started and

Besides, there is no boss or client to tell you what you should or should not do.

However, there are significant limitations to using GPT sites, such as the low pay and the fact that you are still trading your time for money.

Most GPT sites give you points that you can convert to PayPal and Gift Cards. In addition, some of them allow you to cash out via Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

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