With technology in favor of advertising, there are many tools in the form of applications that have emerged to be used in the best way to achieve the positioning objectives of a particular product, sound, or service.

Social media have reached a massive adoption worldwide; their evolution is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding in media, which is why it has become the perfect tool to promote a new digital finance system. If you are seeking more information regarding a secure investment platform, then https://bitcodes-ai.com might be the right fit for you.  

Many may consider that this type of advertising should be done through corporate-type platforms where a specific sector was the one that would be fully involved with the cryptocurrency ecosystem to achieve preparation rather than disclosure of the use and management of digital currencies.

The results that have been obtained through social networks and people from the world of entertainment and well-known influencers have generated a lot of controversy regarding the financial market of digital assets, all this due to the volatility surrounding them.

On several occasions, people who advertise cryptocurrencies have been pointed out as scammers or perhaps advertising that does not justify the media. Not all investors tend to have the same tastes in financial assets.

We know that the cryptocurrency market is one of the riskiest, but this does not make it less profitable; on the contrary, as in the traditional financial market, there are ups and downs, and you are also exposed to taking risks; it all depends on the strategies that you use to possess the investors and the risk management that they consider previously.

Reasons why China declares cryptocurrencies illegal

China has been the country that hit the financial market for digital currencies the hardest. In 2021, it suspended all operations being carried out in the territory, consequently considering them illegal.

This measure was taken in conjunction with the banking and financial institutions of the Asian country, taking Bitcoin and Ethereum out of the game and making it clear that the digital currency project the government is creating is independent of the blocked cryptocurrencies.

These measures are not enough for the Cyberspace Administration of China, which closed around 12,000 accounts on various social networks because of publicity regarding the realization of cryptographic investments, which continue to be illegal in the country.

Throughout the Chinese territory, there is a relatively high level of pressure concerning the development and execution of activities related to cryptocurrencies because they consider them highly speculative, without leaving aside that the messages analyzed in these accounts are deemed illegal.

Among some of the platforms affected by this decision are Weibo and Baidu, which worldwide are compared to Google or Twitter; these companies were forced by indications of the Chinese State to cancel the accounts that handled information of crypto type.

However, web pages were also affected because they promoted investments in crypto assets and Bitcoin mining activities. The biggest fear of the Chinese government is that citizens may be victims of fraud or scams.

Social Media and cryptocurrencies

The financial market is characterized by establishing its operations based on the relationship between supply and demand, one of the traditional ways the balance between the parties is maintained, unlike the cryptocurrency market, which must be kept updated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cryptocurrencies do not depend on the control and supervision of any entity, making them decentralized digital assets. However, that is where the information disseminated through social networks impacts and that, in one way or another, modifies the behavior of the digital market.

To date, no economist can understand this behavior, much less know what people generating an opinion matrix concerning digital currencies can think and publish.


For the State of China, investing in cryptocurrencies is negative, but this does not imply that the digital financial market does not exist, much less that it has not generated profitability profits for many people.

When the advertising message reaches people, they usually evaluate and analyze the information received, which is why it is always essential to know where the data that social networks often transmit randomly comes from.

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