Minecore.cc Review: Is Minecore.cc Scam Or Legit?


About Minecore.cc

Minecore.cc is a platform that claims to allow its members get daily profit when you purchase the CORE on their platform. The profit you earn depends on the core you purchased. That is, the higher the core, the higher the profit you earn.

How To Get Started And Earn On Minecore.cc

After you register on Minecore.cc, the platform rewards you with a signup bonus of N700 and you start earning on the platform

when you select your preferred CORE, make deposit and start getting daily profit depending on the CORE you purchased.

There are about 12 Core available on Minecore.cc for users to rent. They are as follows; Core-1, Core-2, Core-3, Core-4, Core-5, Core-6, Core-7, Core-8, Core-9, and Core-10 respectively. All these investment plans have different subscription amount and different daily income or profit attached to them.

The minimum investment plan on Minecore.cc is CORE-1 with a subscription amount of N3,000. In this plan, you earn 5% daily profit. That is, N150 daily for 120 days. The minimum deposit amount in Minecore.cc is N3,000.

Minecore.cc lnvestment Plans

The following investment plans are available in Minecore.cc


Investment Amount: N3,000

.Daily profit: N150

Daily percentage: 5%

.Duration: 120 days


.Investment Amount: N10,000

.Daily profit: N700

Daily percentage: 7%

Duration: 120 days


Investment Amount: N20,000

.Daily profit: N1,600

Daily percentage: 8%

.Duration: 120 days


Investment Amount: N50,000

Daily profit: N4,000

Daily percentage: 8%

Duration: 120 days


.Investment Amount: N100,000

.Daily profit: N8,000

Daily percentage: 8%

Duration: 120 days


Investment Amount: N200,000

Daily profit: N18,000

Daily percentage: 9%

Duration: 120 days


.Investment Amount: N500,000

.Daily profit: N45,000

Daily percentage: 9%

.Duration: 160 days


Investment Amount: N1,000,000

Daily profit: N100,000

Daily percentage: 10%

.Duration: 160 days


Investment Amount: N2,000,000

Daily profit: N220,000

Daily percentage: 11%

Duration: 160 days


Investment Amount: N3,000,000

.Daily profit: N360,000

.Daily percentage: 12%

Duration: 160 days

Red Flags On Minecore.cc

  • owner of the website did not provide any information about themselves.
  • Domain age is very new
  • The Trust Score of the website is very low
  • No payment proof

Is Minecore.cc Scam Or Legit?

Status: At the  moment writing this article, this platform had just been launched as a funding platform, so we can't tell whether it is legitimate or not, but you can contribute if you know the legitimacy of this site.. 

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