Method On How To Convert Satoshi CORE to BTC, USDT

Method On How To Convert Satoshi CORE to BTC, USDT

Simple methos To convert your Satoshi CORE mining balance to Bitcoin (BTC) or crypto stable assets like USDT, USDC or BUSD, kindly follow the steps below…

Earn Bitcoin when mining CORE Satoshi, the great crypto that makes you free CORE holders, your wealth passport to #SatoshiPlusConsensus mission.

Register through the link below, Download the app, perform Face Verification (KYC) and Start Mining (Receive CORE at most twice daily), then Receive Bitcoin Benefits daily. : After registering, download and face kyc, start mining and make sure you receive CORE twice daily. To earn bitcoin faster with the app, recruit miners this week, you will be credited votes the following week by the system to participate in Giveaway to earn BTC.

Apart from recruiting miners to earn more #bitcoin from daily Giveaway, you also get 20% hash for every successful miners you recruit as contributed hash to mine CORE faster. We have limited supply before app mining ends in 12/12/2022. Grab the opportunity now!!!

To convert CORE mining (Satoshi BTCs) balance to BTC or USDT before making withdrawal, stay updated with us as we’ll give more details later when the project goes mainnet.

For newbies in SATOSHI CORE mining, be cautious of sc@ms as there are some Core community members who are reportedly planning to be Validators on the Core Blockchain at Mainnet. Do not send your CORE to anyone during Mainnet in the name of wanting to be part of a Validator Node community. Rather, delegate it directly to an existing Validator on the Core Network.

More so, before MainNet launch scheduled for the third quarter, the Development Team plan to clear TestNet data a few times in order to apply fixes and add new functionalities. By 12th December 2022 when app mining will end, subsequently mining methods will be strictly done via Decentralized Nodes which births the Validator Nodes Mining, and Bitcoin Hash Power Node Mining.

For clarity purpose, to run Validator Node requires technicalities, having least 10,000 CORE and steady online activity, which majority participants can’t do, or ain’t eligible to get the requirement. So, the Delegating of Core to active (existing) validator will be their major way to keep getting CORE from then.

On the aspect of the Bitcoin Computing hash power node mining. It is a form mining following the steps of Bitcoin mining as it’s name implies, for this particular form of mining a computer or Laptop is needed as this can’t be run any existing mobile phone, this seems the hardest way of getting a coin so far as you’ll need to be 24hours internet connection and activity, the more dedicated you are, the more Core you mine.

Those who must have been actively participating on TestNet phase by Delegating of tCORE (tBTCs), have seen good rewards, but shouldn’t expect the exact reward on delegating at mainnet, because out of the 2.1Bn TotalSupply, 525.6M will be in Circulation by December 2022, thereby leaving about 1.5Bn which will about 81years to be exhausted. Stay informed.

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