Method On How to Link CORE address on Satoshi app

This is the option for linking of CORE withdrawal address on the Satoshi app has been enabled officially, and here are the practically verified steps to locate and get it done successfully.

Method On How to Link CORE address on Satoshi app

Open your Satoshi app, click on “ME” shown below and select asset, then tap on “CORE” to see it. Before adding your CORE address, read this publication carefully, please 🙏Ensure that you have added CORE Blockchain on your MetaMask wallet(this simply means to generate CORE address on MetaMask), and ensure that you’ve safeguarded your Passphrase and PrivateKey.

Important Notice ⚠️ Do not use a CORE Deposit address from exchanges, else you won’t get your CORE from the Smart Contract. System will “only” send these addresses to CoreDAO “twice” : first and second processing times (facilitated by a Decentralized Smart Contract) are 6th February and 15th May, respectively. Endeavor to submit (link your CORE address) before the processing times elapses.

Steps/How to Link CORE address onSatoshi app:

  • Copy your CORE address from MetaMask.
  • Open your Satoshi app.
  • Select “ME” shown below and tap Asset.
  • Then tap on “CORE” to see “Link withdraw address” and select it.
  • When it opens, kindly ensure you read the Important Notice outlined below there.
  • Paste your CORE address which you copied from your MetaMask.
  • And input your Asset Password in the next column. {Steps to set up Asset Password if you haven’t done it yet; when you tap on “ME” shown below, select “Personal Settings” and you’ll see Asset Password, then click on it and set it up} {If you have setup your asset password before but forgot it, you can reset it and await 24hours before you can continue to link your CORE address}
  • Proceed, a 6 digit OTP will be sent to the email address you used in signing up for Satoshi CORE Mining.
  • Open your email, copy it and paste it in the column provided for it on the Satoshi App.
  • Confirm it and proceed to do your Face Verification, just the way you did it while doing your registration. Ensure that you are the same person and face that registered for satoshi app account.
  • When your verification is completed, click on link withdrawal address and it’ll be successful. 

Take every steps one after the other calmly and without errors. After the Linking of your CORE Withdrawal Address is successful, you will still see “Link CORE withdraw address”, do not worry – that’s because you still have additional two chances make a change incase you submitted wrong address, so don’t exhaust your chances.

Method On How to Link CORE address on Satoshi app

Clarifications with regards to Linking of CORE Withdrawal Address on Satoshi app:

As we are presently getting hundreds of questions on our inbox with regards to the Linking of CORE Withdrawal Address on Satoshi app, here’s what we’ll do to carry everyone in our community along. We’re currently skimming and scanning inbox messages, and will be answering them here immediately. Thank you!

In the process of Linking (adding) of your CORE address to Satoshi app, you’ll be prompted to get a code from the email address you used in signing up; just same process when you want to transfer/withdraw BTC.

Users who already lost access to their registration email account “may” likely be out of the game, sorry. After that, most users were prompted to do Face Verification; this will be a bad business to people who bought many Satoshi CORE Mining accounts. If the account is yours, you’ll pass the face verification without stress and proceed to link your CORE address successfully. Do well to read the “Important Notice” shown below there.

Users who participated on testnet (generated tCORE address), you may notice that the CORE address you got on MetaMask is same as tCORE. It is correct. The way MetaMask was programmed is that every chain on your “Account 1” will be exact address. Your Ethereum address (account 1) is the same with your tCORE address (account 1), and same with your CORE address (account 1). Chains on “Account 2” will be the same address (for ETH, tCORE, CORE), but won’t be the same with “Account 1” addresses. If your tCORE address is different from your CORE address, it simply means they are on different “accounts” on your MetaMask; it is still correct.

For users who haven’t generated any address (either tCORE or CORE) on their MetaMask yet. Adding of “CORE Blockchain” address simply means to generate CORE address.

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