Opera Crypto Wallet Browser Method | How To Get $3 From Opera Crypto Wallet?

Wants to know more about Opera Crypto Wallet Browser Review? Welcome to Azibase.

This is another opportunity of getting $3 worth of Celo from Opera Crypto Wallet.

It’s absolutely free and not much is required from you, all you have to do is to Open a Crypto Wallet using airdrop link and verify phone number.

Kindly note that this is an event, and the $3 worth of Celo will be distributed to the first 1500 people who have registered only using airdrop link.

The total of $4,800 worth of Celo will be given out everyday to 1500 from 1 December to 8 December.

Opera Crypto Wallet Browser Method | How To Get $3 From Opera Crypto Wallet?

How To Open Crypto Wallet On Opera Browser?

  • Open your Opera Mini application if you didn’t have download one here
  • Click on the Opera button at the bottom right corner
  • Tap on “Crypto Wallet” make sure you download it

Kindly wait for tommorow before proceeding to the next step or else you will not get any reward, the 1500 members have already claimed the reward today, it’s advisable to complete the registration after 12:00AM

How To Get $3 From Opera Crypto Wallet?

You need to copy and paste the airdrop link to Opera Mini browser, once you visit the airdrop page then you scroll down to connect your wallet via the airdrop Giveaway page.

You will be redirected to connect your Opera Crypto Wallet, Tap on “Create New Wallet” and set up your preferred 6 digit password.

After that you have to back up your keyphrase either to google drive or manually, However I suggest google drive.

Immediately after completing that step you will be redirected to verify your phone number, put in your phone and verify with the OTP you receive via SMS.

Once you verified your phone number you will receive $3 Worth of Celo.

you can access your crypto by tapping on the “Opera” button at the bottom right corner then tap on “Crypto Wallet”.

You can transfer it to Binance or your preferred exchange.

How To Accumulate More $ From Opera Crypto Wallet?

Accumulating more dollars with this update is very easy, all you have to do is to download app cloner and clone more Opera mini.

However, it’s also worth noting that you will need to verify phone number before receiving the reward.

Opera Crypto Wallet Browser Overview

The Opera Crypto Wallet is built nicely and give user confidence over their funds allowing them to export their key phrases manually or via Google Drive.

Here are some positive reviews Opera Crypto Browser have received.

“My go to application. So much more than just a browser. Will always have a special way of tugging on my heartstrings. No but seriously wicked good browser app with crypto wallet hookup and market watch slash market tracker option”



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