OpenEX Airdrop on Satoshi App Review – SCAM or Legit (Reviews)

OpenEX Airdrop on Satoshi App Review – SCAM or Legit (Reviews)

OpenEx Airdrop mining phase is ongoing on Satoshi App and will end by April 2024. Start now as it could be worth it on the long run.

How to Participate on OpenEX Airdrop?Register on Satoshi App: Register Here

  • When done with the registration,
  • Download the app,
  • Login, and do face verification,
  • Then tap on “Projects” and select OpenEX to participate – and be accumulating the OpenEX token.

Reviews about OpenEX Airdrop on CORE Satoshi App – Scam or Legit?

The OpenEX Airdrop currently going on via Satoshi app is verifiable a legit project based on past success of the first project on #SatoshiApp.

Basically, OpenEX is a DEX on the CORE Public Blockchain . They will airdrop their token through the Satoshi App for free, the same format which CORE (CoreDAO) used before it launched MainNet and started trading on exchanges.

OpenEx aims to usher in a new-generation of DEX with adequate transaction processing speed, liquidity pools and in everything – permissionless for cryptocurrency users across the blockchain industry.

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