Airdrop Review – How To Get The Airdrop Airdrop Review – How To Get The Airdrop

What is SatoshiChain?

SatoshiChain is a proof-of-stake blockchain that aims to complement the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency by bringing scalability, security, robustness and utility to Bitcoin.

It utilizes the Satoshi currency ($SAT) and allows for the use of Decentralized Finance applications such as NFTs, games, and decentralized applications (dApps) for the Bitcoin community. The bridge also allows for easy conversion between BTC and SAT.

The team is fully doxxed. Airdrop Review – How To Get The Airdrop

As you can see from their tokenomics, a whopping 19% (19 million)of the total token supply is allocated for the airdrop. Airdrop Review – How To Get The Airdrop

This promises to become a massive airdrop!

The airdrop is set to be distributed in Q2 2023. Airdrop Review – How To Get The Airdrop

How to qualify

First make sure to follow SatoshiChain´s socials.




Now let´s add SatoshiChain Testnet to Metamask:

  1. Open Metamask

2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner

3. Click on “Custom RPC”.

4. Now fill in the following details:

Network Name: SatoshiChain Testnet
Chain ID: 5758
Symbol: SATS
Block Explorer URL:

5. Click ´Save´ to connect to the testnet. Airdrop Review – How To Get The Airdrop

Now let´s get some faucet. For this hop over to your wallet address and solve the captcha. It should take no more than a few minutes for the faucet to arrive.

Now let´s start testing.

Go to the homepage:

Trade an asset and provide liquidity.

Also you can do the following two tasks to qualify for an airdrop:

● Develop dApps, deploy smart contracts, and add new protocols to the SatoshiChain ecosystem.

● Identify and report bugs, security flaws, and other problems with SatoshiChain.


That´s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this article.


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