Review: Is Legit or Scam?

You must have stumbled upon this new gaming site called And probably be bothered about the legitimacy of this platform. If you are also familiar with BBRFUN, you must also be wondering about the similarities and differences between and BBRFUN.

Well not to worry because azi base has carried out our normal in depth review about the platform. In this article we shall be exposing all that we discovered about this platform and our final verdict about

But most importantly we shall provide you answers to that question bordering your mind; “Is it worth it?” We do encourage you to go through this guide carefully before signing up on

What Is

From what we have seen so far, is a game betting website. Just like BBRFUN and is a platform where you can make a lot of money by just playing games. he platform has a lot of games on its website. You can bet and play any game of your choice and when you win, you can withdraw your money instantly. A lot of people have joined this platform and they are cashing out daily.

Judging by this fact, we define as a kind of virtual game betting/gambling website. Although the platform owners did not deduce any proper introduction about who they are and what they do, this is what we at azibase were able to deduce.

Going through the about us section of, this is what we could find;

“This site offers games with a risky experience. To be a user of our website, you must be at least 18 years old. We are not responsible for violating your local laws regarding online gaming. Play responsibly and have fun on”

Now that we have seen exactly what is (in terms of definition), let us see how works.

How To Join

Register a new account with this registration link

How To Make Money On

Make Money From Playing Games

The major way to make money on is by playing games while placing bets. When you win, your earnings would automatically be added to your wallet which you can withdraw instantly.

Make Money By Inviting Friends

The invitation bonus is super doubled! Description: Invite the first deposit during the event

✅ Level 1 =₦3300 maximum

✅ Level 2 =₦1200 maximum

✅ Level 3 =₦600 maximum

The biggest bonus available Share your unique link! Limited time event, hurry up!

Earning plan – Rules:

  1. You can invite new users through your invite link and when the invitee recharges and bets on the platform, you can get super rewards from the platform.

All members only need to invite a friend to register and recharge to become a first-tier agent.

✅ Level 1 = ₦3300.

User’s first recharge ₦10,000 : invitation bonus ₦3300.

User’s first recharge ₦5000 : invitation bonus ₦2000.

User’s first recharge ₦3000 :invitation bonus ₦1200.

User’s first recharge ₦2000 : invitation bonus ₦700.

✅ Level 2 =₦ 1200

User’s first recharge ₦10,000 : invitation bonus ₦1200.

User’s first recharge ₦5000 : invitation bonus ₦500.

User’s first recharge ₦2000 : invitation bonus ₦300.

✅ Level 3 = ₦600

User’s first recharge ₦10,000 : invitation bonus ₦600.

User’s first recharge ₦5000 : invitation bonus ₦300.

User’s first recharge ₦2000 : invitation bonus ₦200.

Number of people invited (Number)Level 1 InvitationLevel 2 InvitationLevel 3 Invitation
1 players₦3300₦1200₦500
10 players₦33000₦12000₦5000
100 players₦330000₦120000₦50000
1000 players₦3.3milion₦1.2milion₦3milion
5000 players₦16.5million₦6million₦2.5million
10000 players₦33million₦12million₦5million
100000 players₦330million₦120million₦50million
1000000 players₦3300million₦1200million₦500million


Make Money From Three Level Commission Earnings Plan:

You can receive platform rewards for every bet from lower level users you invite. You can receive wagering rewards of up to three levels.

Level 1: Get 0.3% betting bonus
Level 2: Get 0.2% betting bonus
Level 3: Get 0.1% betting bonus

Earned rewards can be withdrawn directly without any restrictions.

So, if you want to earn more money, invite participants who are looking to invest and who are active and efficient in inviting new users.


3. Details
Make sure your card name is unique and active in order to be allowed. If it is necessary to use additional accounts and benefits, it could be fraud and your database usage will be lost.


4. Instructions for participating in activities From the announcement to the delivery of the one million bonus. The Official Event Rules become the sole discretion of ngn100.

“The above activities, has the final right to explain”

Please make sure your name, contact details and security code are personal and correct. If the same player uses different network IPs to register multiple accounts or use the same CPF to receive the bonus, it will be considered as cheating and the account will be permanently blocked.


πŸ‘ Fast payout, withdrawals are processed within 10-20 minutes.

πŸ‘ 100% bonus on deposits from #5000 and above.

πŸ‘ Low withdrawal charges (2.5%) as compared to other platforms.

πŸ‘ High referral bonuses.

πŸ‘ Since it involves betting/gambling, there are very high earning opportunities on


πŸ‘Ž Addiction to gambling.

πŸ‘Ž Precoded (virtual) games aren’t always the best ways to gamble.

πŸ‘Ž Anonymous owners/founders/creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legit?

Based on our findings about we cannot say that the platform is legit. As earlier disclosed, there are some traits that boost customer trust in a brand, and lacks a whole lot of them.

What Is The Minimum Withdrawal On

The minimum withdrawal amount on is #2000.

Who Owns

The owners of are unknown. Domain checkers like whois display no information about the person that registered the domain name.

Has Crashed?

As at the time of writing this review article, is still very much active. But we shall update you on further development as time goes by.

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