Warisi.store Review: Is Warisi.store Legit or Scam?


 This Warisi.store is a newly launched platform that claims to be a wristwatch store offering a variety of wristwatches, from high-end luxury pieces to more affordable options. However, the platform sets itself apart by introducing an investment opportunity, inviting individuals to become investor partners. According to Warisi, by investing in the platform, individuals can earn daily income. The basic concept revolves around using the invested funds to purchase wristwatches, selling them for a profit, and sharing that profit with investors on a daily basis.

Warisi.store Review: Is Warisi.store Legit or Scam?

How to Join Warisi.store

Joining Warisi.store is a straightforward process. You can become a part of this platform by visiting their official website at https://warisi.store. Once there, you can explore the various features and benefits the platform offers. To get started, you need to sign up and create an account. You can use the invitation URL https://warisi.store?sponsor_code=7YJT6FV to register and begin your journey with Warisi.store.

How to Make Money on Warisi.store

Warisi.store provides multiple avenues for making money. One primary method is through daily income earned from the investment plans. The platform offers various investment plans with different daily income amounts, purchase limits, and cumulative gains. Investors can choose a plan that suits their budget and financial goals. It’s important to note that the daily income is generated based on the purchased plan, and users can accumulate gains over time.

Warisi.store Investment Plans

Warisi.store offers several investment plans, each with its own daily income potential. The plans are named differently, such as “Invest Trial,” “Watch 3500,” “Watch 9000,” and so on. The basic idea is to invest a certain amount and receive a daily income for a specified period. For example, the “Invest Trial” plan offers a daily income of ₦200 with a validity period of 60 days, resulting in a total revenue of ₦12000.

As the investment amount increases, so does the potential daily income and cumulative gain. Investors can choose a plan based on their preferences and financial capabilities.

Make Money on Warisi.store Through Referrals

Warisi.store introduces a referral program that allows users to earn additional income by referring others to the platform. The referral commission structure includes different tiers. For level 1 referrals, users can earn a 33% commission based on the amount invested by the referred individual. This creates an opportunity for users to expand their earnings by bringing more people into the Warisi.store community.

Warisi.store Withdrawal – Minimum Withdrawal Amount

To be eligible for withdrawal on Warisi.store, you must meet the withdrawal threshold that qualifies you for withdrawal. Once you’re qualified, you can withdraw.

The minimum withdrawal amount on Warisi.store is N2,000. With a minimum of N2,000 in your balance, you can place for withdrawal and expect your payment in due time as promised by this platform.

To withdraw your money on Warisi.store, log in to your dashboard, locate the withdraw button, click on it bind your bank account details (Bank name, account name, and account number), input the amount you want to withdraw and submit. And hopefully, you will receive the alert in due time.

Is Warisi.store Paying?

No proof of payment was found regarding this platform at the time of publishing this article.

When was Warisi.store Launched?

The Warisi.store domain was registered on the November, 2023, which means the platform is just a few days old at the time of publishing this article.

Pros and cons of Warisi.store

Let’s check out the Pros and Cons of Bplon.com before joining the platform:

Pros of Warisi.store

  • Warisi.store have affordable investment plans.
  • The platform is available to different countries.
  • It is a free-to-join platform.
  • If offers sweet daily returns.
  • Warisi.store has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

Cons of Warisi.store

  • Warisi.store is a clear Ponzi scheme.
  • It offers an outrageous daily return on investment
  • The platform offers an outrageous return on investment (ROI).
  • It offers a get-rich-quick offer that won’t last for long.
  • They failed to provide information about the founders/owners of the platform.

Is Warisi.store Legit? – Warisi.store Review

Warisi.store is one of the numerous Ponzi schemes that is likely to crash any time soon. I will urge them to be very careful while investing their hard-earned money in this platform because it is likely to crash.

Do not be carried away by the mind-blowing daily returns offered by Warisi.store, it is a new pattern of luring people to join them.

Is Warisi.store is a Scam? – Warisi.store Review

Warisi.store is a potential scam parading to be genuine but it is very risky to invest with them. This platform has all the features that any scam platform should possess. So, make sure you invest what you can afford to lose.

Final Verdict – Warisi.store Review

In conclusion, Warisi.store is listed among the numerous Ponzi schemes that investors should not rely on, because anything dangerous may like to occur in the near future. Regardless of how pleasant and genuine they seem to portray themselves. The fact is that Warisi.store is a Potential scam platform and you should be aware of that.

Thank you for carefully and patiently reading this Warisi.store review till the end. I believe this Warisi.store review has revealed certain things regarding Warisi.store that you need to know and has also helped you make your decision on whether to join or stay away.

You can also improve this Warisi.store review by sharing your experience regarding this review with us in the comment section below to help others take precautionary steps.

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