8 Important Sis Code Every Lady Should know


Just like the bro code, a sis code is a set of unwritten rules that defines and guides how ladies should relate to each other. The sis code is relatively new compared to the bro code and there are several versions of it depending on the writer. This code helps sisters bond well while defining the dos, don’ts and boundaries to enable them avoid fights and problems, especially in their girl squad. Breaking the sister code could get you into an argument with your bestie or even get you kicked out of your girl squad. Check them out: 

 1. You Shall Always Come To A Sister’s Aid: A sister must always help a sister out when in need. It is not a choice, it’s a must. If a Sister’s period arrived unexpectedly, she has blood stains, a creepy guy is hitting on her or she is having a wardrobe malfunction etc you must as a matter of urgency come to her rescue and help her fix it, no excuses! 

 2. You Shall Always Encourage A Sister: You shall endeavour to encourage a sister no matter what. If she is feeling ugly, tell her she is beautiful and sexy. If she Wearing a bad makeup you should tell her, never let her step out if the house looking like a different face on a different body. If she is just coming out of brake up, be her pillow and cry bed, encourage her and tell her the guy is a loser and a jerk.

 3. Her Boyfriend Is Your Brother And Her Brother Can Be your Boyfriend (With Permission): A sister’s boyfriend is off limits, no excuses here. You should always and at all times see her boyfriend like a brother, you can’t crush on him and if for whatever reason you do, make sure she never gets to notice it. If you have a crush on her brother, you should seek her permission first before telling her brother. 

 4. Her Fight Is your Fight: If a sister gets into a fight with another sister or a guy, it is forbidden to take sides with the other person whether she is right or wrong. If you think she is wrong, you should first fight for her and tell her she is wrong later. Her enemy is your enemy and her friend is your friend.

 5. You Have To Cover For Her No Matter What: If a sister says she is with you when she is with a guy, you are code bound to cover for her and say she is with you even if you haven’t see her in days. If her mother calls asking for her, tell her she is at your place and sleeping. When her boyfriend comes knocking and asking, fabricate a lie and tell him in her defence. 

 6. Chicks Before Dicks: Yes! The sisters also have that rule. The idea here is that the sis romance is superior to any other romance and for whatever reason a sister must never value or protect a dick before a chick. A dick here would be anyone who is not a Sister’s brother, father or husband. A dick must never be allowed to come in between a sis romance or cause problems in the sister squad. Else the dick should be let go.

 7. Her Secrets Are Very Important, No Mistakes : If a sister confides in you or you both have both engaged in adventures or escapades that won’t be suitable for a third ear, it should remain that way and forever. It is unforgivable to spill a sister’s secrets to her crush, love interest, enemy or anyone for that matter. Even if something goes wrong between you and a sis, it should never be a reason to spill the beans, never! 8. You Can’t Date A Sister’s Ex without Her Permission: If you must date a Sister’s ex, you should seek her consent first. This is very important because dating a Sister’s ex is tantamount to betrayal unless she is aware of it. Even if it’s been years since the breakup, courtesy demands that you inform a sister you are considering her ex. Telling her shows respect and sense of loyalty, besides you don’t want a sis thinking you were secretly admiring her ex and praying for them to brake up while they were together.

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