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Nairaland.com Review: How To Make Money on Nairaland Forum



Nairaland.com Review: How To Make Money on Nairaland Forum

Nairaland.com Forum has not been left out also, while you just visit naira land just for fun or to get any other information and others are making thousands of naira from naira land.

Nairland is a discussion forum created years back and has grown to be the largest visited internet forum in Nigeria. It has over 1 million members and enjoys millions of visits every month and this interestingly makes millions of naira for the owner.

Enough already, right?  But do you know you can have a cut of this money too? Recently I have been feeding off this energy and have been making money from this site do you know You can make money too from naira land every day, week, month, and all year round?

If in doubt then read below as we will provide you with step by step guide on various ways you can money from Nairaland Forum.

Permit me to correct the thought you have in your mind, you might be wondering if Nairaland has been offering any jobs for money that you are not aware of. The answer is no and that’s not what we are going to talk about all am trying to put across to you is how to get your business out through Nairaland Forum:-

Think about it, how much can you make if 1 million+ customers visit your business? How big will your business grow if you have the whole members on naira lands patronize you? Big isn’t it? Now you get it.

Proven Ways to Make Money From Nairaland Forum:

Affiliate Marketing

Nairaland, as I have earlier said has over a million members and over and over a million views per day ( if all the members log in) that’s over a million potential customers or individuals to reference to your affiliate market and make money.

There are over a million and one Affiliate marketing online that you can easily sign up for and start earning. Simply do research and signup for any then with your account, start referring people from Nairaland, you have over 1 million potential referrers.

Website Design

This might not be a way to make money for many as it’s restricted to only people with web designing skills. With the invention of the internet, its potential has been increasing geometrically, businesses and individuals realizing this are taking their business online, a way they are doing this is to create an online presence.

If you have good website designing skills then you can start making money on Nairaland. Please note Nairaland doesn’t pay anyone for this skill but there are over a million people on Nairaland willing to pay. Signup for the Nairaland account and advertise yourself, showcase the best of your work, and get hired.

Freelance Writing

Writers from my blogs are all Nairalanders, I simply post a few paragraphs indicating my need for writers, and lots of people contacted me which I selected. If you’re a good writer then it’s time you start earning from here. By the way, I still need writers if you’re interested.

You can create a post advertising yourself to the million members or you can write good content and publish and get people to read at the end you will indicate that you can be hired for writing jobs, many like me once in a while need the service of a professional freelancer.

Sell Products and Make Money on Nairaland Forum

Now for those that have products to sell say goods, gadgets, tech products, whatever it may be where else will you prefer to advertise your product than on a platform that has over a million visitors on a daily basis? Utilize the category on Nairaland, advertise your product to the right category, and earn pretty well.

Drive Traffic and Make Money on Nairaland Forum

Many webmasters know this secret- driving traffic to your blog or website. I have blogs with good content and monetization so driving traffic from Nairaland to my site will definitely translate to dollars on my advertising account. You can do the same.

Sell eBooks

Information marketing has developed pretty much recently. You can create a problem-solving ebook on any niche of your choice say business, health, relationships, etc, and sell, Nairaland has the right market for you.

Coaching Service

The over a million users on Nairaland are comprised of both newbies and pros, newbies they are looking forward to making themself better and often require the help of a good coach.

Are you an expert in what you do say blogging, SEO, social media marketing, etc Nairaland provides a platform where you can meet as many newbies and you can make quite a lot through coaching them on any skill.

Event Publication

Do you organize events? Do you know that massive turn-up translates to massive earnings? Utilize Nairaland Forum to advertise and get people to come to your events, you can advertise manually or pay Nairaland to place a banner, whichever way you’re on your way to earning.

The list goes on and on about what you can do to make money legitimately on Nairaland, but we will stop here for now, with this insight I believe you now have an idea of how you can make money on Nairaland Forum. Start employing them now!

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