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Autel is a Classic Ponzi Scheme


 Considering investing your money into Autel bandwagon? Before you dive in, let’s dissect what Autel is all about. With a suspicious lack of ownership transparency, a shady website registration, and fake certifications, Autel is raising more red flags than a matador’s cape. Financial regulators are already sounding the alarm, and with no real products to sell, this looks like another “too good to be true” scheme. Let’s take a closer look at why you might want to think twice before investing your hard-earned money into Autel.

What is Autel? Good Question!

So, you’re looking into Autel, huh? Well, let’s start with the basics: who owns this thing? Guess what? Autel doesn’t tell you. Their website has zero information about the owners or executives. That’s a red flag the size of a football field.

The Shady Domain

Autel’s website domain, “autel.top”, was registered on June 1st, 2024, with completely bogus details. To make it even sketchier, it was registered through Alibaba in Singapore. Trustworthy? Not even close.

Fake Certificates


To seem legit, Autel displays a FINTRAC certificate that’s about as real as a three-dollar bill. It’s clearly doctored. If you’re thinking this is a bad start, you’re right.

Autel and Financial Regulators: Not Friends

Financial regulators have already noticed Autel. The Central Bank of Russia issued a pyramid fraud warning on June 6th, 2024. Yikes. When a bank starts shouting fraud, you should probably listen.

No Real Products to Sell

What does Autel actually sell? Absolutely nothing. No products, no services. Affiliates can only sell Autel memberships. If that sounds fishy, it’s because it is.

The Compensation Plan: Too Good to Be True

Here’s where it gets wild. Autel promises huge returns for investing tether (USDT):

  • Autel-1: Invest 12 USDT, get 2 USDT a day
  • Autel-2: Invest 60 USDT, get 10 USDT a day
  • Autel-3: Invest 240 USDT, get 40 USDT a day
  • Autel-4: Invest 600 USDT, get 100 USDT a day
  • Autel-5: Invest 1800 USDT, get 300 USDT a day
  • Autel-6: Invest 3600 USDT, get 600 USDT a day
  • Autel-7: Invest 6000 USDT, get 1000 USDT a day
  • Autel-8: Invest 18,000 USDT, get 3000 USDT a day
  • Autel-9: Invest 36,000 USDT, get 6000 USDT a day
  • Autel-10: Invest 54,000 USDT, get 9000 USDT a day

Autel also pays referral commissions down three levels:

  • Level 1: 9%
  • Level 2: 4%
  • Level 3: 2%

Joining Autel: What’s the Catch?

Joining Autel is free, but to actually make money, you need to invest at least 12 USDT. And remember, free doesn’t always mean safe.

Conclusion: Autel is a Classic Ponzi Scheme

Autel is just another “click a button” Ponzi scheme, recycling money from new investors to pay old ones. It even borrows the name and branding of Autel, a legit US-based EV charging company. Spoiler alert: they have nothing to do with each other.

Your daily task? Clicking a button. That’s it. There’s no real business here. The money you see is just from new suckers… I mean, investors.

Examples of other Ponzi schemes like this include Computer USDT, Tesla Supercharger, and Atha Quantify. These schemes usually disappear within weeks or months, leaving investors with empty pockets.

Final Thoughts

Autel is probably run by the same group of scammers behind many similar schemes. If you’re thinking of joining, remember: if it smells like a scam and looks like a scam, it’s probably a scam. Save your money and run the other way.

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