-63B5D53BB4DBC007517C2B9F8545E693 Minespunky.io Review – Everything You Need To Know About SpunkySDX Airdrop, Tokenomics, Spunky Road map, How To Claim

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Minespunky.io Review – Everything You Need To Know About SpunkySDX Airdrop, Tokenomics, Spunky Road map, How To Claim



Minespunky.io Review – Everything You Need To Know About SpunkySDX Airdrop, Tokenomics, Spunky Road map, How To Claim

About Spunky SDX Airdrop

SpunkySDX is a ground-breaking, decentralized multi-chain meme token designed to address the loss of assets to theft in the crypto space. It leverages an inbuilt advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tool to track stolen cryptocurrency tokens/coins across different Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains, from Decentralized wallets to Centralized Exchanges (CEX).

Compared to the manual traditional method of asset tracking through complex on-chain analysis, SpunkySDX offers a proactive, stress-free, one-stop tool that makes tracking of stolen EVM-based assets easier. Consequently, it contributes to the security of the Web3 ecosystem for cryptocurrency investors and users. 

While asset tracking is our central solution, SpunkySDX allows its users and investors to earn passive revenue by mining and staking with a longevity-focused Annual Percentage Rate (APR) model; and gain insightful analytic on crypto projects for profitable investment decisions through its news aggregator feature available on mobile devices. Furthermore, SpunkySDX features a launchpad for Bitcoin Ordinance tokens and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure that allows token holders to vote on important issues affecting the project.

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Minespunky.io Review – Everything You Need To Know About SpunkySDX Airdrop, Tokenomics, Spunky Road map, How To Claim

SpunkySDX has a total supply of five hundred billion (500, 000, 000, 000) tokens adequately distributed to ensure the success of the project:

● Thirty percent (15%) for presale. 

● Fifteen percent (30%) for Staking and Ecosystem development. 

● Thirty percent (30%) for Liquidity. 

● Six percent (6%) to the Team and Advisors.

● Ten percent (10%) for buyback and token burn.

● Four percent (5%) for Airdrop. 

● Five percent (4%) for Investors

The project has six phases of developmental milestones from ideation through Presale, through launch, and continuous expansion. The development team of SpunkySDX consists of professionals and crypto experts with avid determination and dedication to achieving the core vision of the project.

SpunkySDX, through its simplified platform, allows users to track their lost assets employing an in-built AI technology. Using the contract address and transaction hash inputted on the web application platform by the user, the system consequently tracks the movement of the assets, and the user gets a notification on the application when the AI trails the assets to a Centralized Exchange (CEX).

To explain in a better context, Bobby is a crypto user who falls prey to a dusting attack by a hacker and loses assets he had acquired and stored in a decentralized wallet such as Metamask. Bobby tries to trail the assets on the blockchain manually. He spends his time doing so and gets frustrated after a while due to the complex nature of the blockchain technology. Bobby gives up because of the stressful, daunting, intricate stepwise approach involved in manually tracking his assets. 

However, Bobby then decides to engage the SpunkySDX asset tracking tool on the platform to help him track his assets on-chain. He provides his contract address and transaction hash. Bobby has time for more productive ventures saving himself the inconvenience and stress. After a while, he receives a notification on the SpunkySDX application with information on where his assets last went, 

which is supposedly a Centralized Exchange (CEX). Equipped with this information, Bobby decides to do what is in his best interest and follows up by reporting to the CEX. 

Bobby gets the information on his stolen asset trail more conveniently without stress as it passes through different EVM-compatible chains right from when the assets left his decentralized wallet up to a centralized wallet. Thanks to SpunkySDX!

SpunkySDX AI compatible tool is succinct in the tracking of lost assets from a decentralized wallet en route a centralized wallet, as was with Bobby’s case. The advantages of SpunkySDX automated tracking compared to the traditional method: 

Simplicity: The traking tool is easy to use because of the user-centred design built for enthusiasts, newbies, and experienced blockchain users.Automated Asset Tracking: the tool is solely saddled with the responsibility of the step-to-step asset tracking with no manual tail keeping requirement from the User.

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Projects often promise unrealistic Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for staking with models which do not factor in long-term sustainability. SpunkySDX allows token holders to stake and earn rewards, providing an opportunity for passive revenue generation. There are clear benefits that stakers enjoy for locking up their SpunkySDX tokens for stipulated periods. SpunkySDX offers a realistic and achievable APR focused on long-term sustainability. Moreover, stakers will enjoy immense capital benefits as the SpunkySDX blockchain goes live on the mainnet; and Stakers stand to benefit from the launchpad as new projects launch on it. Therefore, SpunkySDX users and investors are encouraged to stake their tokens not just for the benefits but also to contribute to the liquidity pool of the project.


SpunkySDX allows token holders to participate in major decisions making of the platform through a DAO structure. For example, holders and community members can exercise voting rights on crucial issues pertaining to the project’s development. SpunkySDX considers its community and Users the real owners of the project. Hence, active participants in its management. This implies that SpunkySDX token owners and the community can vote or delegate voting rights to other members.

Launchpad for BRC-20 Tokens

New Brc-20 projects have hard times raising funds. The SpunkySDX launchpad is a decentralised platform where founders will create awareness and generate funds for their projects. It serves as an interface for early sales of new Brc-20 projects to a ready community, investors, and the public. Brc-20 tokens are experimental tokens created using the ordinal protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain. The SpunkySDX launchpad uniquely makes it easier and affordable for new Brc-20 based projects to raise funds during Initial Decentralised Exchange Offer (IDO)/ presale prior to their official market launch.

The launchpad will ensure that investors can only access authentic projects with no security threats by subjecting projects to stringent authenticity testing. Thus, the SpunkySDX launchpad will ensure that both founders and investors are protected.

SpunkySDX Platform

The SpunkySDX platform was carefully designed to ensure optimal Performance, Security, Scalability, Reliability, Usability, Compatibility, Maintainability, Compliance, Disaster Recovery, 


Users will get to access the SpunkySDX platform to engage the different utility menus. The functionality of the platform is centred around user registration, user authentication, wallet Integration, automated trading, asset tracking, blockchain analysis, AI chatbot, decentralised governance, DEX integration, NFT Marketplace, token launch on multiple chains (Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), HAQQ, and Ethereum (ETH) networks), advertising platform, in-app Browser, multi-Platform Support, task engagement plus reward/earning of Spunky points, crypto market insights, Swapping, and Staking.

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 Spunky Road map

Phase 1 (Q4 2022– Q2 2023)

● Project ideation 

● Team assembly 

● Website launch 

● Social media launch

 Phase 2 (Q3 2023) 

● Web App Launch

● Task for reward program

● Strategic partnerships

Phase 3 (Q4 2023 - Q1 2024)

● Tokenomics

● White paper

● Platform Development.

● Certik Audit/ KYC

 Phase 4 (Q2 2024)

● Private Presale


● SSDX Mobile App launch

● Official Launch (DEX/CEX)

● Staking platform

● Buyback and burn.

Phase 5 (Q3 2024)

● More DEX/ CEX listing 

● Massive marketing campaign 

● Partnerships

● Continuous Platform Development.

 Phase 6 (Q4 2024)

● Native Blockchain creation

● Launch of Devnet 

● Testnet 

● Mainnet 

● Continuous development and expansion

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SpunkySDX is a contemporary cryptocurrency project anchored on blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to provide a secure, transparent, and efficient commercial ecosystem. Its solidly built and deployed decentralized blockchain design guarantees immutable transactions across the network and a scalable Proof-of-Stake.

According to Chainalysis on crypto-related crime, there has been a progressive trend in the value of assets stolen each year. Hence, the need to transition from laborious manual tracking of assets to automated processes became imminent. This places SpunkySDX in a market-ready position to capitalise on these lapses and provide services that crypto users will need  a trusted platform. 

Therefore, SpunkySDX has trailed the blaze in the cryptocurrency space, addressing critical issues such as tracking of stolen assets.

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