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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs For Nigerians



Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs For Nigerians

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online businesses in Nigeria. Because it has a low startup cost as you don’t need to create your products from scratch again. It is just for you to make quick and huge money selling other people’s products.

It is also easy to scale and monetize. You will be earning passively after working through the process. It is just for you to register with any of the best affiliate programs listed below.

Choose the products you will be promoting and get your unique affiliate links. Start promoting either on blogs, websites, social media pages, and groups. With that, getting customers to buy from the link will be simple and you also be making your own money online.

Affiliate marketing is one of the suitable online jobs for students, stay-at-home moms because of its flexibility and simplicity. Enough of talking about how profitable it is, let’s get down to the list of best affiliate programs in Nigeria.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

1. Jumia Affiliate Program 

Jumia Affiliate Program is one of the high-paying affiliate marketing best programs in Nigeria. Registering with Jumia will allow you to make money online in the comfort of your home. Just by driving traffic to a Jumia product with your unique affiliate link.

Selling that product through your efforts means you will get a commission from the product. Being one of the most popular online shopping stores in Nigeria, getting customers for Jumia products is quite straightforward. Jumia offers an 11% commission on each product sold depending on the products in question.

2. Konga Affiliate Program 

This is also one of the leading affiliate programs in Nigeria. With thousands of products on the e-commerce site, it attracts a lot of audiences daily.

Signing up with them entitled you to a 9% commission given to every product sold from your efforts. You don’t have to have a blog or website to get started. As they have good tracking software to detect any sales that are coming from their affiliates. No doubt, Konga is one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria

3. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon which is one of the most popular brands in the world also runs an affiliate marketing program for individuals, online marketers, and students to make money online.

The program is quite flexible and user-friendly with a lot of product options, in different niches to promote. Another added advantage of this top affiliate program is its popularity and larger audience.

4. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify affiliated program is another important affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. Even though we don’t advise it for beginners they pay a lot of commissions to their affiliates.

The program pays for those who already have a larger audience. For example, bloggers, Youtube channel owners, influencers, online marketers, and some other experts.

5. PayPorte Affiliate Program

The list of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria won’t be completed without mentioning the PayPorte affiliate program. like Konga, Jumia, Amazon, and other e-commerce sites, it deals with fashion accessories, fabrics, computers and laptops, home appliances, and others.

Signing up with them as an affiliate on their website means you are ready to start promoting their products.

6. Wakanow Affiliate Program

If you are the type who likes traveling a lot or have family and friends that can’t do without traveling. You can sign up with a Wakanow affiliate and start earning commissions from their traveling.

Wakanow is one of the Best Travel Agencies in Nigeria that sells different travel products at discounted rates to affiliates. So that they will be able to make profits from any products sold. Some of these products include; Flights tickets, hotel tickets, airport pickups, and other tour package tickets.

7. Expertnaire Affiliate

Considering its popularity and growth in the past year, it’s hard not to include it as one of the top affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria. Expertnaire is an affiliate program that teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer while earning.

Created by Toyin Omotoso a Nigerian affiliate marketer, the platform provided a way more Nigerians can get into affiliate marketing and digital marketing in general without breaking the bank.

8. Vconnect Affiliate Program

Another online shopping store in Nigeria that runs affiliate marketing programs for free is Vconnect. As their signed affiliate, you are expected to help in creating awareness about their platform and bring them, customers. In turn, you get paid commissions for each sale made.

9. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program

Like Web4Africa, this is another web hosting company that offers one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria. WhoGoHost renders web hosting and domain registrations for clients in and outside Nigeria. Their affiliates benefit 15% sales commission from every product sold from their unique affiliate link.

10. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

For lovers of sports, the bet9ja affiliate program is your best bet! Are you passionate about sports? Do you have friends who like bettings? You can take advantage of their affiliate marketing program for free by registering with Bet9ja. And start earning 20% referral commissions on each game played by those you refer(whether they lose or win).

You are also entitled to other benefits like 100% welcome promotions(100,000) for gaining your first customers. As well as 170% multiple boost accumulators and other benefits attached. Want to register for the affiliate’s best program, visit their website to do so.

More on Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Of course, many others also provide the best affiliate programs for beginners like TravelStart, Deal Dey, Clickfunnel, JVZoo, Aliexpress, Grammarly, and so on. They all work the same way. You need to register with them first and obtain your unique link for products. Start promoting to different audiences to get customers and start making money online.

Even though affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses in Nigeria. It requires dedication, hard work, and strategy to succeed. Do we hope you find our guide on the best affiliate programs in Nigeria helpful?

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